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City of Cape Town offers R350,000 reward for information on housing project fraud



James Vos replaces Booi in an acting role

The City of Cape Town has offered a R350,000 reward to anyone who can provide information about those involved in the fraudulent activities that have disrupted its low-cost housing construction projects. This follows the departure of housing councillor, Malusi Booi, who has been implicated in the fraud scandal.

City of Cape Town offers full support in the investigation

The local government has pledged its full support to the South African Police Service (SAPS) to investigate the fraud and corruption allegations involving their housing projects. Referring to the situation, City manager Lyle Hill-Lewis says that “The City has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption and will not hesitate to act in the interests of good governance”.

Hill-Lewis exposes the impact of the fraud on beneficiaries

Hill-Lewis revealed that the fraud has caused several issues, including “extortion, unlawful occupation, or forceful community disruption of housing” in twelve of its low-cost developments, affecting approximately 4,500 households.

Reward increases thanks to anonymous donor

The reward initially started at R100,000, but thanks to the generous contribution of an anonymous local businessman, the amount has increased to R350,000 to incentivize individuals with information to come forward.

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