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Chinese, U.S. scientists design drug delivery tools for brain cancer



 Chinese U S scientists design drug delivery tools for brain cancer
Chinese, U.S. scientists design drug delivery tools for brain cancer

1 Chinese and U.

the sun news paper headline today

2 S. scientists have proposed a new drug delivery system that can improve immune therapy treatment for brain cancer.

the sun news paper headline today

3 The researchers from Shandong University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison designed an injectable hydrogel that contains nanoparticles targeting the glioma stem cells.

the sun news paper headline today

4 Glioma stem cells are known to be the main culprits for the recurrence of glioblastoma, a highly invasive tumour in the brain, after surgical removal of the initial tumour.

5 Nanoparticles within the proposed hydrogel can create chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) macrophages in situ after being injected into the resection cavity.

6 According to the study published this week in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

7 The macrophage is a large cell that is able to remove harmful substances from the body and is found in blood and tissue.

8 Such modified macrophages can seek and engulf residual glioma stem cells in the cavity by stimulating an adaptive antitumor immune response, according to the study.

9 In a preclinical humanised mouse model, the drug delivery system was shown to prevent post-operative glioma relapse by inducing long-term antitumor immunity in mice.

10 Also, in combination with an antibody called CD47, the hydrogel increased the frequency of positive immune responding cells in rodents, according to the study.

11 The work offers a potential treatment strategy for priming cancer stem cell-specific immunity with broad application in patients suffering from recurrent malignancies and warrants further clinical study.

12 Prof. Jiang Xinyi, of the Shandong University, said in the paper’s co-corresponding author.

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14 NewsSourceCredit: NAN

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