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Chinese envoy calls for preservation of Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity



Geng Shuang

– A Chinese envoy on Tuesday called for efforts to preserve Syria‘s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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For some time now, the security situation in Syria has remained volatile. Turkiye launched airstrikes against Syria and announced that it would carry out ground military operations. Israeli airstrikes on Syria have also continued, said Geng Shuang, China‘s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations.

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“All these acts seriously violate Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and may lead to the escalation and spread of the Syrian conflict. China expresses its grave concern,” he told the Security Council.

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Foreign military intervention is one of the main factors contributing to the complicated, intractable and protracted crisis in Syria. China calls on Turkey and Israel to immediately stop cross-border attacks, avoid any actions that may aggravate the situation, and stick to dialogue and consultation to resolve relevant issues. The illegal presence of foreign forces in Syria must also end, he said.

Geng called for a transition from cross-border humanitarian aid delivery to cross-border modality in Syria.

Cross-border delivery is a temporary arrangement made under special circumstances. The transition to cross-line mode must be accelerated, he said.

China notes with regret that no new cross-delivery has been completed in northwestern Syria in the past month. Members of the international community should devote the same level of effort to promoting cross-border renditions as they do to cross-border operations, and strive to provide the entire population in Syria with access to humanitarian resources without discrimination, he said.

China welcomes the continuous improvement in financing early recovery projects, Geng said.

Syria is facing crises in public health, water resources and electricity supply. The United Nations must prioritize the implementation of projects in these areas to meet the most pressing needs of the Syrian people, she said. “Explosive remnants of war have taken a heavy toll on normal production and life in Syria. China hopes that work in the relevant areas will be brought into the early recovery category as soon as possible.”

Geng also called on the international community to combat terrorism in Syria with zero tolerance and promote a Syrian-led and Syrian-owned political process. ■


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