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Chinese embassy donates food and teaching materials to Kenyan charity



Chinese Embass

– The Chinese Embassy in Kenya on Tuesday donated a variety of items including cornmeal, snacks, learning materials and toys to a charity dedicated to helping single mothers and vulnerable children.

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Miao Miao, a counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, said the donation of food and stationery to the Jewell Foundation based in Kiambu County in central Kenya will give children from disadvantaged backgrounds a new lease on life. .

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Miao noted that since 2019, the Chinese embassy has been donating money and food to the charity, adding that the support will continue in the future to help transform the livelihoods of local communities.

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China and Kenya are good friends, good partners, good brothers and sisters. We are working together to build a China-Kenya, China-Africa community with a shared future,” said the adviser.

Founded in 2015, the Jewell Foundation’s charitable work includes providing meals for children and mentoring them to ensure they become productive members of society, said Caroline Ndung’u, the Foundation’s Program Manager. “Our goal is to mentor these children and enable them to reach their potential,” Ndung’u said, adding that they have also been helping single mothers feed their children and help them save on the wages they earn from odd jobs.

Ndung’u said that whenever funds are available, her organization has also been addressing the medical bills of single but vulnerable mothers and their children in the peri-urban settlements adjacent to the Chinese-built Thika highway.

Jane Waringa, a middle-aged mother of three, praised the Chinese embassy’s food donation, saying it will relieve her of the burden of feeding her children amid the high cost of staple foods such as cornmeal. “I look forward to long-term cooperation between the Chinese Embassy and local communities aimed at raising the living standards of needy households,” said Ella Waringa. ■


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