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Chatham House: Tinubu’s handlers messed it up



Peoples Democratic Part

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Council director, Strategic Communication, Dele Momodu, outlined Monday’s engagement at Chatham House, London, of All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu, as a “complete farce”.

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Momodu, in a statement made available to reporters in Abuja on Tuesday, rebuked Tinubu’s handlers, whom he said “they screwed up and botched it big time.”

today's nigerian newspapers headlines

Chatham House

“What happened at Chatham House yesterday was a complete farce…

today's nigerian newspapers headlines

Bola Tinubu

“The people in charge of Bola Tinubu messed up and messed it up big… They put it on display as a packed invalid. It would have been better to present him as a brilliant politician and administrator, warts and all, than he is capable of independent thought.

Momodu, noting that “No man is perfect,” added that his mistakes would have been more forgivable and acceptable… He was expected to sell his own vision and mission.

Umoru Yar

“But what we saw yesterday was a theater of the absurd. It brought back memories of our great President Umoru Yar‘Adua and how he mysteriously disappeared from the radar and some of his aides ruled by proxy. I was one of those who led the stop, er, stop protest against the Yar’Adua clique in Abuja in 2010. What was unacceptable then is even more unacceptable now with the benefit of hindsight. Our country must be above friendship”

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The PDP image-maker and editor of Ovation magazine, noted that Nigeria‘s problems are often “compounded by the voluptuous ambitions of a few acolytes who wish to remain eternally relevant in the corridors of power at the expense of the long-suffering nation.”

Kizz Daniel

“Everyone around Tinubu yesterday knew the bitter truth, but they chose to mislead the Nigerians. One of them was heard in a viral video telling TINUBU to dance to Kizz Daniel’s popular song Buga because “that’s what young people want to see…” and lo and behold, Tinubu was instantly transfigured into an accomplished choreographer.

He described it as “sad and unfortunate, that every time we think Nigeria can never sink deeper into the abyss, something happens to snap us out of such assumptions and complacency…

Muhammadu Buhari

“I was with Muhammadu Buhari the day he visited Chatham House seven years ago. He was solid and charismatic. He didn’t need anyone to goad him on. He answered questions eloquently and intelligently to the best of his ability.

“That is what TINUBU was expected to achieve yesterday. What she did instead was like inviting assistants to take a JAMB exam.

Nasir El-Rufai and Kayode Fayemi

“It is horrible to see some respected intellectuals like Nasir El-Rufai and Kayode Fayemi as they fight to dress Tinubu on a very sacred global stage.

“In conclusion, please do not cry for Tinubu but for Nigeria.”

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