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Cameron Diaz Discusses Supporting Drew Barrymore Through Alcohol Addiction Battle



Drew Barrymore’s show has been renewed for a fourth season, and her life is in a good place – she’s sober, co-parenting, dating, and has great friends.

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However, Cameron Diaz, one of her closest friends, has spoken in a new profile about Barrymore’s previously publicized alcohol addiction, and how she supported her through it.

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Barrymore has been open about her struggles with substance abuse since childhood.

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She began drinking heavily after divorcing Will Kopelman, causing her therapist to stop working with her and alienating some of her friends.

Diaz said watching that time was “difficult,” but that she knew Barrymore would find her way with their support.

They’ve been friends since the 90s and frequently work together, and Barrymore has talked about her past addiction troubles on her show, where Diaz has made appearances.

Barrymore started her show after CBS approached her in 2019, which motivated her to get sober.



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