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Buying the Pokémon GO Plus Plus to Use Pokémon Sleep



Pokémon Sleep, a new mobile application with a focus on gamified sleep-tracking, is set to launch this summer.

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Access to the game will require you to purchase the newly released Pokémon GO Plus Plus, a more advanced alternative to the original Pokémon Go Plus tracker.

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Priced at a steep $54.99, the disc-shaped device is equipped with a single button to use for sleep tracking and interacting with PokéStops in Pokémon Go, as well as the ability to throw Great and Ultra Balls when catching Pokémon.

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The pre-orders for the device sold out shortly after its announcement, however, those looking to buy can reserve the Pokémon GO Plus Plus at Best Buy. The device will begin shipping on July 17th; links for other retailers will be added when available.

Considering its hefty price tag and demanding nature, this accessory is likely to be popular amongst passionate Pokémon fans.

Gamers with knowledge of the game will appreciate its advanced features, increased ability to play the game with ease, and extended compatibility with the new iOS and Android versions of the game.

This device may be more than the casual Pokémon fan needs, but if you’re looking to get the most out of the new Pokémon Sleep game, the Pokémon GO Plus Plus is an important part of the experience.



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