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Building for the future – Can Nigeria do more to support young athletes?



 Building for the future Can Nigeria do more to support young athletes
Building for the future – Can Nigeria do more to support young athletes?

1 Nigeria has a long tradition of producing top level athletes. While there are a lot of success stories within the world, it still has a long way to go in order to be counted as a sporting superpower. Here in Nigeria, everyone remembers the Super Eagles at USA 94.

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2 The team was packed full of top-class players. Okocha, Finidi and Amokachi were just three of the amazing players that lit up the World Cup. This was followed by Kanu and West both making their breakthroughs the year after. However, it’s been a long time since Nigeria has produced a spate of athletes at that level in any sport.

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3 A singular athlete of real quality comes through in many different sports, but very rarely an entire generation of them. How can Nigeria support young athletes better to bring through more top quality athletes on a more regular basis?

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Find financial support

5 Financial support is a big aspect when it comes to producing athletes. Soccer teams particularly need significant financial support in order to keep developing top-class players. One area that could have a positive impact on athletic development within the country is the addition of sponsorship.

6 Many sports teams take on sponsors in order to help them support new athletes. This doesn’t just pay for the athletes themselves, but for the coaches and equipment that is needed to supplement development. A good example would be 22bet Nigeria offering sponsorship to different sports teams. This influx of funds could be used to enhance the quality of young athletes, therefore increasing the team’s chances of success in the future.

7 Another potential method would be to ask the government to help with sporting investment. Studies have shown that the more sporting opportunities there are for young people, the less likely they are to embark on a life of crime. An increase in sporting investment would allow the Government to improve the quality of life within the country, and reduce the need for police. This would have a massively positive impact on the country as a whole.


Get extra support from overseas professional clubs

9  Additional support from overseas clubs could provide a huge increase in sporting performance across Nigeria. The ability of professional sports clubs from other countries, Europe based clubs specifically, to provide financial support for Nigeria cannot be ignored.

10 These clubs could help Nigeria develop high class athletes, who could then have the opportunity to move to the club that developed them. This could work for a number of different sports, allowing a mutually beneficial arrangement to be created.

11 There is already a range of top-quality soccer players from Nigeria around the world. With additional support from pro clubs worldwide, it could increase the number of high level players that these clubs have access to, while also increasing the quality of Nigerian athletes. This mutual benefit means that the selfish nature of sport would be satisfied, while also allowing Nigeria to thrive.

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