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Buhari tasks Ogoni leaders on protection of national assets



Buhari tasks Ogoni leaders on protection of national assets

President Muhammadu Buhari urged Ogoni leaders to sensitize indigenous people on the value of protecting national assets such as pipelines and other oil facilities, saying that intentional damage usually creates more havoc on their environment and hinders development in the region. region.

The president, who said this when he received leaders and residents of the Ogoni Land at the State House in Abuja on Friday, noted that intentional damage usually wreaks more havoc on their environment and hinders development in the region. region.

He said the federal government is committed to clearing the Ogoni land so that the natives can regain life, return to the farms and reactivate economic activities.

“You will need to educate the people of Ogoni Land and the region more that when pipelines are broken the damage is done more to the surrounding environment and to the people.

“The majority of farmers and fishermen are struggling because the fish are now moving to deep water,” he said.

The president said bad industry practices coupled with safety concerns had resulted in massive spills with accompanying environmental degradation of Ogoni, leading to unrest and conflict.

He said the government would put an end to all outstanding issues regarding the sons of the land Ogoni.

“Your Royal Highnesses, distinguished representatives of the people of Ogoni Land, I note the need to ensure the completion of the segment of the east-west road crossing Ogoni Land, and steps will be taken to ensure delivery within the framework of the Infrastructure development fund as previously designed.

“We intend to complete this vital Nigeria artery.

“In addition, we pledge to ensure leniency and national integration as part of this administration’s attempt to lay the groundwork for true reconciliation and end the problems of the Ogoni land.

“The unfortunate incidents of the early 1990s that resulted in the deaths of distinguished sons of Earth Ogoni and the collateral legal proceedings are indelible in our memories.

“Despite the dramatic circumstances, the federal government will examine the request for pardon to definitively end the Ogoni saga,” noted President Buhari.

According to the president, the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Ltd (NPDC), a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), has obtained a license to operate the OML11, which will stimulate economic activities and integration in the area.

“To ensure the stimulation of economic activities in Ogoni Land, supported by the vast petroleum resources underlying the Ogoni Land and neighboring communities, NPDC, a subsidiary of the NNPC, obtained a license to operate the OML11.

“Accordingly, the NNPC is hereby invited to involve all host communities, especially the Ogoni, to ensure that inclusive oil and gas exploration and production processes are based on the optimal involvement of host communities.

“The NPDC will establish a broad program for the emergence of a new Ogoni land for the benefit of the Ogoni people and Nigeria as a whole,” he added.

President Buhari said he was aware of the adoption of the Federal University of Environmental Technologies bill by the National Assembly and awaits its transmission for further necessary measures.

“This administration has placed the rehabilitation of the Niger Delta as a top priority and has committed a lot of resources to tackle existing problems, including launching a billion dollar oil cleanup exercise to reverse the terrible damage and restore the ecosystem.

“I am pleased that the restoration and enhancement activities under the auspices of the United Nations and the Oil Clean-up Project vehicle have started to operate since we took office as promised.

“We will take additional measures to ensure a faithful and rapid execution of the project in order to restore the environment and allow the resumption of agricultural and fishing activities in the affected areas,” he added.

The president also thanked the leaders for the recognition of the federal government’s efforts to clean up the region and stimulate more economic activity.

“Your Royal Highnesses and very distinguished people of Ogoni Land, thank you very much for your kind words and recognition of the efforts of our administration to advance your part and all regions of the country.”

In his remarks, the President of the Supreme Council of Traditional Chiefs Ogoni, King Godwin NK Giniwa, thanked President Buhari for various interventions in the region, including on environmental remediation.

The Supreme Ruler noted that the people believe in the unity of Nigeria and the future of each group can only be guaranteed in one nation.

He congratulated the president for the achievements in critical infrastructure in the country, especially in the construction of railways and roads, calling for more efforts for the supply of drinking water.


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