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British Anti-Trans Activist Flees New Zealand After Protest



British Anti-Trans Activist Flees New Zealand After Protest

Activist Attacked

A British anti-trans activist has fled New Zealand after she was pelted with eggs and doused in tomato sauce in the middle of her speech. Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, who also goes by the name ‘Posie Parker’, caught the flight out of Auckland Airport on Sunday.

Protest and Police Protection

The self-described transphobe was forced to cut her ‘Let Women Speak’ tour short following the incident at Albert Park, in Auckland’s CBD, on Saturday. She was due to give an address when she was mobbed by counter protestors and covered in tomato soup before being taken away under police protection. Ms Keen-Minshull shared a photo to Twitter showing her waiting at the airport with a police escort as she made her frantic escape from the country.

Bizarre Tirade

She launched into a bizarre tirade comparing her critics to Orcs from the fantasy movie trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings’ and took aim at ‘corrupt media’. ‘A long campaign to assassinate my character, started by a group of jealous spiteful women in the UK, that I had ambitions besides stopping the mutilation of children and the erasure of women’s rights,’ she wrote. ‘The powerful are seeking to silence us, we must continue to speak,’ she wrote. ‘They are afraid of us. So much love to the women of New Zealand, we see you. The world is talking about you.’

Fears for Her Life

The 48-year-old said she genuinely feared for her life during the event. ‘I genuinely thought if I fell to the floor I would never get up again, my children would lose their mother and my husband would lose his wife,’ she wrote on Twitter. ‘My security saved my life today, no words can express my gratitude.’

Violent Crowd

Footage showed the controversial activist struggling to get through the crowd to escape with her security. The crowd quickly became violent with supporters and protesters pushing against each other, while a metal barrier was pushed down by screaming counter-protesters. ‘Oi Posie, bugger off,’ one of the signs in the crowd read. The anti-trans activist attempted to speak but she was consistently drowned out by screams and chants of ‘go home’.

Counter-Protesters Take Over

Counter-protesters quickly took over the rally, chanting ‘trans rights are human rights’. Police filled out the crowd, attempting to help the British activist escape as signs from counter-protesters read ‘trans pride’ and ‘real feminists support ALL women’. Another sign read ‘Protect trans lives’.

Backlash from Activists

Ms Keen-Minshull had visited New Zealand after touring around Australia with her appearances sparking backlash from transgender rights activists across the country.

Senator’s Attempts to Disrupt Speech

Extraordinary video showed the moment the former Greens senator was restrained by police while Ms Keen-Minshull addressed a few of her supporters in Canberra on Thursday. Draped in an Aboriginal flag, Senator Thorpe made a beeline toward Ms Keen-Marshall, before she was intercepted and taken down. She crawled along the lawn and made her way toward a group of more than 100 pro-trans counter-protesters. The independent ‘black sovereignty’ movement senator later claimed she was ‘pulverised’ by police and said Ms Keen-Minshull – who she referred to as ‘filth’ – should not be allowed to speak on Aboriginal land.

Blasts Decision to Allow Speaker Into the Country

After Ms Thorpe’s attempted disruption of Ms Keen-Minshull’s speech – reminiscent of her laying down in front of a float at Mardi Gras last month – the former Greens senator blasted the decision to let the controversial speaker into the country. ‘They are racist, they are homophobic, they are destroying people’s lives. This country should be ashamed that they even let people like this into this country.’



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