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Bola Tinubu Secures Presidency of Africa’s Most Populous Nation



Bola Tinubu, a political mover and shaker known for his shrewdness and influence, has won a hard-fought race to become Nigeria‘s next president.

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At seventy years old, the two-time Lagos governor won 8.8 million votes in the polls, officially achieving his “lifelong” goal.

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Despite existing health worries and former corruption claims, Tinubu’s ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) consolidated power by ousting the People’s Democratic Party.

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Although rival Labour Party candidate Peter Obi secured a victory in Tinubu’s home state of Lagos, Tinubu maintained a practical attitude, urging supporters to remain calm.

His success is credited to years of groundwork cultivating a network throughout Nigeria, from transport guilds to political contacts.

This dedication is one of many qualities that sets him apart.

Tinubu drew on his foreign experience as an accountant in America, and even employed his stint at ExxonMobil as treasurer to his advantage.

Though some are hopeful for the financial success he brought to Lagos, there are concerns that his wealth, built on a unknown source, enabled a “grab” of productivity and revenue sources by a “greedy politician”.

In France and the United States, corruption allegations, a 1993 “drug-related seizure” of property and money laundering have followed Tinubu, though no charges were ever laid.

Though the future of Nigeria with Tinubu as president is unclear, his unassailable trustworthiness with Muhammadu Buhari, along with his experience and strategic capability, is undeniable.

As the nation’s first opposition leader, then supporter, Tinubu has played a crucial role in bringing the People’s Democratic Party to an end.

It remains to be seen how Tinubu will fulfill his “lifelong goal”.

But one thing is sure, after years of political manoeuvring, forging a network and a career of business and politics, Bola Tinubu has earned his position as President of Nigeria.



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