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BetKing restates commitment to CSR initiatives, Ugochukwu Nwagbo, BetKing Winner advises players



A leading sports betting and digital entertainment company, BetKing, reiterated on Tuesday its commitment to strengthening corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs for the growth and development of the country. The company also launched its betking mobile lite app, which allows its customers to stay on top of betting odds.

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Gossy Ukanwoke

Gossy Ukanwoke, CEO of BetKing, had this to say during a press conference in Lagos, marking the brand’s fourth anniversary.

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Ukanwoke said the company will remain committed to CSR initiatives that will enhance the country’s growth and development.

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He listed BetKing’s CSR focus areas such as business and commercial support, youth training and education, as well as sports.

“Playing in Nigeria for the last four years has been rewarding for our customers, who are our main focus and we are proud of that.

“We are still waiting for one of our lucky fans to win the third car. We also live up to our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

“We reached many communities during the first wave of the pandemic and we intend to continue reaching as many communities as possible.

Nigerian Super Eagles

Ukanwoke also wished the Nigerian Super Eagles success in the upcoming World Cup play-off against the Ghana Black Stars.

Dare Kafar

Also speaking, Dare Kafar, head of marketing, told the Nigerian News Agency (NAN) that the Super Eagles’ quest to qualify for the World Cup will give customers the chance to win multiple prizes.

“We have a lot of giveaways for our customers and the goal is for everyone to be a winner, so our chances are good,” Kafar said.

BetKing Director Tony Pinheiro

BetKing Director Tony Pinheiro (SAN) praised the company’s customers and employees for making the brand a household name.

“I am proud of our brand and what we have achieved in four years, impacting the lives of our customers.

“We are a brand aware of our CSR and we intend to continue putting smiles on faces,” said Pinheiro.

Oladapo Olasope

Likewise, Oladapo Olasope, chief financial officer of BetKing, said that the company is committed to guaranteeing its transparency.


Ugochukwu Nwagbo, BetKing Winner

Ugochukwu Nwagbo

Ugochukwu Nwagbo, one of the winners of the recently concluded BetKing AFKON campaign at the African Cup of Nations (AFCON), asked husbands to bring their wives to the game.

BetKing Awards Ceremony

Nwagbo said this at the BetKing Awards Ceremony to celebrate the end of its AFKON campaign, presenting the new car to the winner of the event in Lagos on Sunday. He said taking his wife made it easier for him to play.

News Agency of Nigeria

The News Agency of Nigeria has reported that two new sports utility vehicles (SUVs) valued at N7 million have been awarded to the winners of the “AFKON Campaign Final”.

Oludare Kafar

Left to right: Oludare Kafar, Head of Marketing, BRL Kingsmakers, Ugochukwu Nwagbo, one of the winners, and Oladapo Olosope, CFO, BTL Playing on the BetKing platform makes betting easier, Nwagbo said.

“I bet not to be sneaky, my wife knows, and I blame her, so I can easily bet on innocence, it’s public knowledge in our family, no secrets.

“I’ve won several times, but this is my biggest win so far, thanks to BetKing for a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift, and I can’t wait to travel with my wife.

“It’s easy to play at BetKing, they’re really the hosts, they have good odds, it’s easy to make money, there’s no drama,” Nwagbo said.

Joseph Onyemaechi

Sharing the same excitement is Joseph Onyemaechi, who claims to have sponsored BetKing for three years and his stake is worth N100,000.

“I’m happy to win, I’m from Anambra, BetKing is everywhere and I’m excited to be king with them, winning this car means a lot.

“I bet up to N100,000, the minimum I win is N50,000, and winning a car is a big dream of mine,” Onyemaechi said.

Austin Jay Jay Okocha

Nwagbo reportedly rode in a red SUV, while Onyemechi rode in a brown SUV. BetKing’s brand ambassador, Austin Jay Jay Okocha, asked recipients to share the good news.

“There’s no magic here, and I wish I could play too, and maybe I’ll win this SUV that I’ve saved since retirement,” Okocha said.

BetKing CEO Oladapo Olasope

He cheered BetKing for bringing a smile to the winner. BetKing CEO Oladapo Olasope said the company is committed to ensuring its transparency.

“What more can I say, keep winning, our track record has consistently demonstrated our commitment to providing a stress-free betting experience,” he said.

Olasope said the company will hold a similar event to celebrate its fourth anniversary. “On a date to be announced, we will be celebrating our fourth anniversary with our loyal customers,” he said.

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