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Bet9ja Betting Tips, Winning Tips, Bonuses, Promos, and FAQ!


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2 Bet9ja is an online bookmaker company that offers to bet on major sporting events operating in Nigeria. Traded under KC Gaming Networks Limited and run by a series of shareholders of multiple nationalities, the website is licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) with permission to operate in other parts of Nigeria.

latest nigerian news online


What is bet9ja?

4 So what exactly is bet9ja? Well, it is the most popular betting website in Nigeria.

5 It provides opportunities for all sorts of gaming. Fans of betting on online races, virtual games, or all kinds of sports can find it all on bet9ja.

6 It is an excellent service for anyone who doesn’t mind taking risks. You can play for free just for the thrill of it or invest some cash in order to earn real money.

7 Bet9ja can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection, so you can continue playing even if you are away from your computer. By now, you must be really interested in how to play bet9ja, so let us teach you how to do it.


How to play bet9ja online?

9 To play bet9ja online, you need to have an account. In order to get one, go to, click Register in the top right corner, fill in the registration form, and click Proceed.

10 After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation letter in your e-mail, which will allow you to log in to the website. Use your login and password to log in and start betting!


How to place a bet on bet9ja?

12 Here are the simplest three methods:

  1. Choose your sport from the menu on the left. Choose your tournament(s) and click View.
  2. Select the events you want to bet on and choose your odds. Your choices will be automatically added to your betting slip.
  3. Fill in the Amount section, click Bet and then confirm your bet by clicking OK. If all went well, you would see a confirmation message with your bet ID.



You can also use Event Name to place your bet.

14 Here is how you do it: Find your desired event and click on it. Let’s say it is a match between Aston Villa and Chelsea.

15 If you click on the name that says Aston Villa – Chelsea, you will see a new window open with all available markets for this event.

16 If you need a hint on any of the available markets, just click on the ‘i’ button to read their descriptions.

17 Then choose your desired odds to automatically add them to your coupon. Now, all that is left to do is fill in the Amount section and click Bet to confirm it.

18 The third option revolves around the Betting Market tabs. Here is how to get around it: Select your sport in the menu on the left, choose the tournament and click view.

19 At the top of the page, you will see various tabs that contain different markets. Go through the tabs and find the markets you want to bet on. After you have found your desired market, click on the odds of your choice to place a bet.

20 Fill in the Amount section and confirm your bet by clicking Bet.

21 But wait, there is more: There is one more way to play that we have not told you about and it involves booking a bet. For this method, you do not even have to register.

22 Just chose what you want to place your bet on, click Bet and you will receive your booking number.

23 You can either print it or send it to your e-mail. After that, go to one of the bet9ja shops, show the confirmation of your booked bet and make your payment to place the bet.

24 Be aware, however, that bet9ja odds can change, so your bet will use the odds that were relevant at the moment of payment. Bet9ja booking numbers can also be used on the website in the Betslip section to add more selections to your slips.

Where to find bet9ja fixtures?

25 If you are looking for fixtures, here is how you can find them: In the Sports section at the top of the page, click on Statistics.

26 A new separate window will open in your browser displaying various statistics. In that window, select your preferred sport, country, and championship.

27 To see the fixtures, find the Fixtures button at the top of the screen and click it. There, you can find all the information you need.


29 “Quit while you’re ahead. All the best gamblers do.”


What are Tips for winning bet9ja booking prediction?

31 Now we have finally gotten to the most interesting part of this article — tips that will help you get a winning prediction.

32 Without further ado, here they are: Try carrying better odds instead of carrying a large number of games.

33 Even though they say not to put all of the eggs in one basket, this does not mean that you need fifty baskets. You should definitely limit the number of games you are betting on.

34 If you can, you should limit yourself to carrying 10 games. Instead, you have to focus on choosing better odds on the smaller amount of games. Play a running ticket if you have to play many games. If having a long ticket is absolutely essential for you, at least make it a running ticket.

35 This means that your ticket should be played throughout the span of a few days or weeks.

36 This tactic will allow you to choose sure games. Do not forget about checking the statistics.

37 Make sure you do proper research before you place your bet. Study the previous games of the teams you want to bet on to figure out whether it is worth it or not.

38 Try to avoid betting without thinking. If you are betting on soccer games, focus on betting on goals.

39 The safest option, especially for the betting newbies, is to bet on goals instead of dispersing your attention and money on everything else.

40 Do not be too greedy. Betting might seem like a very easy way to score cash fast. However, do not let yourself get too carried away.

41 Pace yourself, have a daily/monthly limit for your bets, never put all your money in one bet and never spend your last money on a bet. You might just lose it all. Now you know how to crack the bet9ja code.

42 Hopefully, this article has helped you figure out the best way to play on bet9ja. Remember: gaming responsibly and do not spend all your money on betting. We wish you all the luck in the world!


Does it cost any money to register on Bet9ja?

44 No. It’s completely free of charge.


How do I register on Bet9ja?

46 Visit the Bet9ja website and click on “Register Now” in the top right-hand corner. Fill in the registration form and submit it by clicking on “Save”.

47 Note: Your personal details need to be correct.


Can I change my username?

49 Unfortunately not; the username that you have chosen during the registration process cannot be changed once you have created your Bet9ja account.


I’ve forgotten my login details, how do I retrieve them?

51 To retrieve your password, please click on “Forgotten Password” on the home page, next to the login area. If you have forgotten your username, please contact our Customer Services via email:


How do I change my password?

53 Login to your account and go to the “Account Detail” section, click on “Change Password” and follow the steps.

How can I update incorrect personal details/emails?

54 In case of inaccuracies, please contact our Customer Services to rectify any errors.


Can I open more than one account with Bet9ja?

56 No. Multiple accounts are not allowed.


What is the minimum age for betting with Bet9ja?

58 It is strictly forbidden for persons under the age of 18 to open an account with Bet9ja and use our services.


How do I check Bet9ja provisions?

60 Please click the Terms & Conditions tab in the menu above.


How do I deposit with a Debit Card?

62 Step 1: Log in to the website by entering your credentials

63 Step 2: Click on Deposit and Select Instant Deposit Cards

64 Step 3: Click on Continue and select CoralPay from the available options

65 Step 4: Input the Amount and click on Continue

66 Step 5: Input your card details and click on the Submit button

67 Step 6: Enter the OTP (One Time Password) sent by your bank to your registered phone number or email address linked to the card and submit. Your wallet is credited successfully.

68 NB: For Subsequent Transactions, all you need to do is input the amount and select the card from the drop-down and click on confirm.


What are the minimum and the maximum deposit amount with a Debit Card?

  1. The minimum deposit amount is NGN 100.
  2. The maximum deposit amount is NGN 10,000.


Are there any fees when depositing with a Debit Card?

71 No, there is no fee when depositing withBet9ja.


Can I use my international card?

73 International cards cannot be used on the Bet9ja website.

74 Only Nigerian Debit Cards can be used on the Bet9ja website.


Where can I view information about my previous transactions?

76 Your “Account Statement” records the transactions you have made previously such as your deposits or withdrawals and your account balances.


How do I withdraw funds from my account?

78 Find our How to Withdraw Account Tutorial here.


Are there any fees when withdrawing?

80 No, there aren’t any fees. It’s for free.


How do I check the status of my withdrawal request?

82 You can check the status of your withdrawal request by clicking on the withdrawal transaction from your “Account Statement”.


How do I place a sports bet?

84 To place a bet simply choose a sport type (soccer, tennis, basketball, etc) from the menu located on the left of the home page, select the specific championship/league, select your chosen event, click on the chosen odds and insert the stake you wish to bet in the coupon in the right-hand menu, then confirm your bet.

85 You can place different kinds of bets: singles, multiples, and system (combined) bets.

86 Multiple bets may be placed by combining different sports: football, tennis, Formula 1, etc.


What are the minimum and maximum stakes for a sports bet?

88 The minimum stake is NGN 100 per bet. There is no strictly defined maximum stake.


What is the maximum winnings/payout per bet?

90 The maximum payout for a bet on sports or casinos is NGN 40,000,000.


Where can I see my bets?

92 Go to the “My Account” section and click on “Bet List”. You will find a list of all of the bets that you have placed and you can filter them by time and by status.


Can I cancel a bet?

94 No. A confirmed bet cannot be canceled for any reason.


What is a “Void Bet”?

96 “Void Bet” means the bet is nil or invalid. This occurs when an event is postponed, or when it has started but not finished within the period specified in our policy.

97 Once the match has been set as void (with odds of 1.00) the rest of the winning ticket will then be paid out.


What is a handicap bet?

99 When betting with a traditional handicap, points or goals are subtracted from the favorite team. If you bet on the stronger team, it will need to perform better than the handicap for you to win your bet (the handicap will be preceded by the sign “-“). The handicap will in fact be subtracted from its final score. Please note that the betting options are 1, X, and 2, and that the standard 90 minutes of playtime have to be completed.


100 Everton – Liverpool (-1)

101 With Liverpool as the favorite team, the handicap is “-1”. The betting options are 1 = you bet on Everton; x = you bet on a draw; 2 = you bet on Liverpool.

102 1: Wins if the match is a draw or Everton wins (eg. Everton – Liverpool: 1-0 or 1-1)

103 X: Wins if Everton loses with a score difference of 1 goal (eg. Everton – Liverpool: 0-1 or 1-2)

104 2: Wins if Liverpool wins with a score difference of at least 2 goals (eg. Everton – Liverpool: 0-2, or 1-3)


How many events I can add to my bet slip?

106 The maximum number of events you can add to your bet slip is 40.


The game has finished, why is my bet still not updated?

108 After a game has finished, there is a working time needed to check the official results, to update the results, and settle the bets.


How do I place a system bet/combined bet?

110 Let’s choose 4 events and try to combine them.

111 For an easier understanding, we will name the events with letters:

  • Arsenal – Chelsea = A
  • Everton – Liverpool = B
  • Fulham – West Ham = C
  • Man Utd – Tottenham = D

112 If you fully combine the events, the possible combinations will be:

113 Singles = 4

  • A, B, C, D
  • Doubles= 6
  • AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD

114 Trebles= 4

  • 4-Folds= 1
  • ABCD

115 If event A is losing, all combinations that contain that event will be losing:

  • AB- losing
  • AC- losing
  • AD- losing
  • BC- winning
  • BD- winning
  • CD- winning
  • ABC- losing
  • ABD- losing
  • ACD- losing
  • BCD- winning
  • ABCD- losing

116 If events B, C, and D are winning

117 Then all combinations that don’t contain the losing event, will be winning.

118 You can decide to make part combinations. For example, to bet only on doubles, or only on trebles or to make a full combination as above.

119 Our system automatically calculates the number of combinations so you need just to select the events, click on COMBINED, tick the desired combination and insert the stake.


How long does it take for my Bet9ja bet to be settled?

121 Be assured that Bet9ja strives to settle all events as soon as we can. Nevertheless, in order for us to uphold the accuracy of the results we present to you, there may be cases where additional time is taken to seek official confirmation of results.


Where can I find statistics for an event?

123 Click on “Statistics”, located on the website home page for a comprehensive stats section to assist with your bets.


Where I can find the results of an event that has ended?

125 Click on “Results” located on the website home page to view previous results.


What is Live Betting in Bet9ja?

127 Live Betting is an exciting form of wagering that allows you to place bets on events that are ongoing or live. The odds are dynamic and change in accordance with the course of the actual event, offering double excitement as you get to monitor the event during play.


How do I play bet9ja racing?

129 To play Bet9ja Racing, first, you need to transfer funds from Sport to Racing. To do that, go to “ My Account”, click on “Cashier”, click on the Racing icon, chose the direction “Sport to Racing”, insert the amount you wish to transfer, and “ Next”. Immediately you will see your balance updated.

130 To place bets simply click on the desired odds and then click on the empty stake field. A small keyboard appears; just type the desired amount and press “OK” and “Confirm” the bet.


How to transfer my funds back from Racing to Sport?

132 To do that, go to “ My Account”, click on “Cashier”, click on the Racing icon, chose the direction “Racing to Sport”, insert the amount you wish to transfer, and “ Next”. Immediately you will see your balance updated.


What are the minimum and maximum stakes for a bet in Racing?

  • The minimum stake is NGN 50 per bet.
  • The maximum stake is NGN 200 000.


Where can I see my bets in Racing?

135 Go to Racing and click on “Tickets” – this shows full information about all tickets/bets. If you click on one bet row you will find the details of the bet.


Does Bet9ja offer bonuses and promotions?

137 Yes. Bet9ja offers a unique bonus on multiple bets. We add a 170% extra bonus to your winning betting slip with a minimum of 5 selections. We also offer a 100% Sign-Up Bonus on the first deposit from new customers.

My Racing ticket has been lost, am I still entitled to the Jackpot draw?

138 Yes. All tickets are eligible for the Jackpot draw.

How do I become an agent?

139 If you are interested in becoming an agent of Bet9ja, you can reach us through our hotline 01-4405148 or send an email to: and our team of professionals will respond to your queries.


141 “Hoping to recoup is what ruins the gambler.””

Warning! Play responsibly!

142 Bet9ja believes in betting as a form of pure entertainment and guarantees its customers a pleasant recreational experience while remaining aware of the social and financial problems related to betting. Bet9ja has developed a series of measures for responsible betting which allow customers to limit their spending and, if necessary, to choose to exclude themselves for a certain period of time.


143 If you play you can win or lose. Gambling can be fun, and exciting but there is no economic or mathematical certainty because of course, it’s only a game. In the worst cases, you buy a little excitement at the right price.
What is the right price? For sure it’s what you can afford to gamble on while feeling completely at ease. You decide in advance how much to spend on betting and never exceed that limit. You keep the commitment you have made to yourself. Naturally, we offer you the chance to personalize your daily, weekly, and monthly spending limit by simply contacting our customer services.



  1. Gamble for fun, don’t look at gambling as a way of making money;
  2. Invest in gambling only the amounts of money that you could possibly afford to lose and don’t gamble the money that you need for daily living;
  3.  Decide how much time to dedicate to gambling and don’t exceed this limit;
  4.  Decide how much money to invest in your entertainment and respect the decision you have made;
  5. Don’t chase losses, accept the outcome as the cost of entertainment;
  6. Don’t ask for credit for gambling;
  7.  Ensure that you know the rules of the game and the house edge;
  8. Balance the time that you dedicate to gambling with other leisure activities ;
  9. Don’t gamble to escape from loneliness or depression, only gamble for the desire to play and have fun;
  10. Do not bet if your clarity has been impaired by alcohol or drugs.

If Betting Becomes a Problem Take a Break

145 Problem gambling can be recognized by modes of conduct such as a high level of spending, poor work results, relationship difficulties, theft, lying, and depression. If gambling becomes a problem then it is no longer entertainment. If gambling worries you take a break. You should decide when and for how long, just contact us.


147 Take the Test and Find out What Type of Punter You Are

148 Check periodically to assess your gambling habits. We would like to help you to better understand them and correct them if necessary. Start from this easy test – it will just take a minute:

  1. In the last 12 months, have betting or gambling often caused you problems at work or at home?
  2.  In the last 12 months, have betting or gambling caused arguments or other serious problems with your family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues?
  3.  In the last 12 months, have you tried to hide the amount that you wanted to bet from family members or friends?
  4. Do you sometimes say that you are winning when in reality you are losing?
  5. With the passing of time have you had to increase the amount of your betting and gambling to keep it exciting?
  6.  In the last 12 months, have you used gambling or betting to escape from personal problems or to feel better?
  7.  In the last 12 months, after having lost money gambling, have you immediately gambled again to try to win back the money lost?
  8. In the last 12 months, have you tried to collect money for bets by using false cheques, stealing, or by resorting to other illegal acts?
  9. In the last 12 months, have you gambled even though you had promised yourself not to do so or have had amounts of bets in excess of or for a longer time period than what you prearranged?

149 If you have responded yes to more than five questions, betting is no longer a form of entertainment for you and may constitute a serious problem. Therefore seriously consider the possibility of taking a break and seeking help.

150 Protecting minors is a fundamental part of our responsible betting policy. Minors less than 18 years of age are forbidden from opening a betting account with Bet9ja. We immediately check the identity of all customers to prevent the services offered on our website from being used by minors.
We furthermore recommend that you install a filter program such as Net Nanny or Cyber Patrol in order to block access by children and adolescents to the betting site.

Do you need help?

151 If you wish to speak to someone contact our customer services available 08:00 – 21:00, 7 days a week, or contact one of the therapeutic associations recommended by Bet9ja. Gambling Therapy and Gam Care offer help and assistance in a professional manner and are free to all of those who suffer from problems linked to betting.


What are Bet9ja’s Sports Betting Rules and Regulations?




156 Before you start to stake a bet, it is important to know the rules. Below are not just betting but anything at all and not know what their rule says. So why not find out what Bet9ja rules are so you don’t burn your finger?

  1. The very first of the Bet9ja rules you should know is that their minimum stake is ₦100.
  2. The maximum payout for Bet9Ja on any given day will not exceed ₦10,000,000,000.  If the cumulative payout on all Bet9Ja tickets on any given day exceeds this figure, winnings on each ticket will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Let me explain this Bet9ja rule, should the daily winnings paid out by Bet9Ja equals ₦20 billion and your original ticket has a win amount of ₦2,000,000, the amount paid to you will be ₦1,000,000.
  4. All documentation will be made available.
  5.  A bet is not valid until a transaction code has been issued by Bet9ja prior to the betting event.
  6. All bets that have not been confirmed before the start of the betting event by the issuance of a code will be considered void.
  7. The printing of a bet that has not yet been confirmed by Bet9ja will not be considered a valid receipt.
  8. Bet9ja only recognizes bets that appear as confirmed on the bet list of the betting account. Bets which do not directly appear on Bet9ja’s files or records are not valid.
  9. If you are unsure about the validity of a bet please check your Account or contact Bet9ja Customer Service.
  10. It is up to you to verify that the number of bets placed and the amount staked are coherent with your will before confirming the bet.
  11. Once confirmed the bet cannot be changed or canceled by you.
  12. All odds are subject to possible changes. The official odds are those indicated by Bet9ja in the bet receipt.
  13. Another one of Bet9ja’s rules is that the company has the right to refuse, accept or partially accept the bet amount.
  14. Furthermore, Bet9ja has the right to cancel all accepted bets before the betting event begins without any explanation.
  15. In such cases a communication informing you of the cancellation of the bet will be sent to your registered email address or a private message will be sent to your betting account. In case of irregularities impacting upon the outcome of a betting event (such as a team playing with a youth squad because of strike/protest/illness etc.) Bet9ja has the right to declare the whole betting event void even after its termination.
  16. It is possible to place single as well as multiple bets.
  17. Multiple bets which combine different selections within the same event or within different events are not accepted if the outcome of one affects or is affected by the outcome of the other unless special odds are offered for the combined eventuality.
  18. Where such a bet is accidentally accepted, because of human or technical error, Bet9ja reserves the right to void part of or the whole of the bet.
  19. Combined bets – Normally, combination bets are created according to the ‘x/y’ type, in which case the appropriate number of combinations will be created, with the amount of money being assigned to each combination separately.
  20. If, for example, you enter the amount of ₦100 for the combination bet of the ‘5/6′ type, there will be a total of ₦600 placed (6 combinations, ₦100 each). It is also possible to bet on different game types regarding related betting events in the same combination bet.
  21. However, since it is not permitted to create multiple bets referring to related betting events, only the allowed number of combinations will be created in this case, with the entered amount of money being distributed to each of these combinations.
  22. It is your responsibility to check if the number of combinations and the total amount of money staked corresponds with what you want to bet before confirming the bet.
  23. Once the bet is confirmed, it cannot be canceled by the customer.
  24. Bet9ja has the right to limit the maximum potential winning by the bet, or by combination within a bet.
  25. If you exceed these limits, you will be warned about it prior to the bet confirmation by an on-screen warning within the bet slip. If you confirm it anyway, you will lose the right to collect the winnings which are over and above the set limit.
  26. The valid potential winnings are those displayed in the actual bet within your bet list.
  27. All the information, dates, and timings published by Bet9ja are purely indicative.
  28. If the time or date of a betting event is brought forward, all bets placed before the beginning of the event and confirmed by Bet9ja shall be considered valid, whereas bets placed after will be considered void.
  29. In the case of multiple bets, only the selection involved will be voided. In such circumstances, the multiple bet remains valid even if the minimum number of betting events required was not respected.
  30. Unless otherwise stated in the Sports Betting Rules for certain sports/bet typologies, whenever an event is officially postponed, all the related bets will remain valid if the event takes place and is completed within midnight (WAT) of the day following the date originally set for the match.
  31. If it does not take place or is not completed within the mentioned time frame, all the bet typologies related to that event will be deemed void within 24 hours.
  32. Unless otherwise stated in the Sports Betting Rules for certain sports/bet typologies, whenever an event is officially interrupted according to the time written in the coupon, all the related bets will remain valid if the event is completed within midnight (WAT) of the day following the date originally set for the match.
  33. If it is not completed within the mentioned time frame, all the bet typologies related to that event will be considered void.
  34. Where the interruption takes place during extra time and, according to the Sports Betting Rules, extra time does not affect the outcome of the bet, all the bets related to regular time will stand.
  35. Unless otherwise stated in the Sports Betting Rules for certain sports/bet typologies, if an event does not take place in the expected venue, or if one of the teams (for team sports) or one of the participants (for individual sports) does not coincide with those originally scheduled for the match, Bet9ja reserves the right to void all the related bet typologies.
  36. The team/player displayed on the left side is considered to be the home team/player and the one displayed to the right is considered to be playing away.
  37. If a match takes place in a neutral venue, the “n” mark or the name of the venue may be displayed and the displaying order of the teams/players will be irrelevant.
  38. Should a home team, for whatsoever reason chooses to play in some venue other than their official one, it will be still considered as the home team and no “n” sign will be necessary.
  39. Lastly, for some competitions, for logistical reasons, not always the team that first appears in the match plays on his home pitch (Country) but it could happen (check the official competition website) that the match is played in another pitch and in these cases it is not necessary to insert the sign “n” in the match details.
  40. Unless otherwise stated in the Sports Betting Rules for certain sports/bet typologies, the outcome of a bet is based on the result achieved on the game field.
  41. Following decisions taken by disciplinary, sports, or legal bodies and affecting or amending the result achieved on the game field will not be taken into consideration.
  42. In the event of an equal position/result of two or more competitors, the winnings will be computed by dividing the original odds accepted by the number of competitors that share the same result.
  43. If, for example, two competitors whose price is 2.80 and 1.90 share the same result (they are both declared winners) the resulting prices will be 1.4 (2.80/2) and 0.95 (1.90/2).
  44. All Void events will be validated by 12:00 a.m. (WAT) on the day following the validation of the result.
  45. All the provisions established for Pre-Game Betting, where possible and unless otherwise stated, apply also to Live betting.
  46. Furthermore, a dedicated section of the Sports Betting Rules regulates the existing Live Betting typologies.
  47. Bet9ja will accept at the most 3 identical bets, placed by the same account/customer. Bet9ja reserves the right to void all bets which exceed this rule.
  48. If an event is not offered with the market “Any Other “, Bet9ja reserves the right to add new participants at any time after the publication of the initial list, including eventually requests by you.
  49. You have an obligation to inform Bet9ja as soon as possible of any amount wrongly credited to your account.
  50. Bet9ja may at any time set off any positive balance resulting from the erroneous operation, as well as cancel possible bets or transactions made with the erroneously credited funds.
  51. Neither Bet9ja (including their employees or agents) nor their partners or suppliers are liable for any loss resulting from any error made. Bets placed in order to cover flawed bets will stand valid if not impaired by errors.
  52. In the event of any dispute, you agree that the records of the Bet9ja server shall act as the final authority in determining the outcome of any claim.
  53. Additional or new markets may be made available by Bet9ja from time to time. It is your responsibility to read the “Market Rules” applicable before placing any bets.
  54. All winning bets are subject to taxes and levies imposed by the provincial government. Taxes and Levies shall be retained by Bet9ja and paid over on behalf of the player
  55. Bet9Ja reserves the right to withhold payment and to declare bets on an event void if they have evidence that the following has occurred:
  56. (i) the integrity of the event has been called into question
  57. (ii) the price(s) or pool has been manipulated or
  58. (iii) match rigging has taken place.
  59. Evidence of the above may be based on the size, volume, or pattern of bets placed with Bet9Ja across any or all of Betnaija betting channels.
  60. A decision given by the relevant governing body of the sport in question (if any) will be conclusive.
  61. If you owe any money to Bet9Ja for any reason, they have the right to take that into account before making any payments to you.
  62. Where there is evidence of a series of bets each containing the same selection(s) having been placed by or for the same individual or syndicate of individuals, Bet9Ja reserves the right to make bets void or withhold payment of returns pending the outcome of any subsequent investigation.

157 In conclusion, just like the Bible told the children of Israel, I’ll advise that you hang these Bet9ja rules on your neck so you don’t ever fall victim to “had I known”. Ignorance is no excuse in law!


159 “Poker, a day to learn and a lifetime to master.”


161 is the third most-visited website in Nigeria after and in late April 2020, according to Alexa, a global internet traffic ranking firm. It is also the first most-visited local site in Nigeria and only Nigeria.

162 Bet9ja



164 Bet9ja is the website in the top 500 most-visited websites globally as of April 2020, according to a recent listing by IABC Africa.

165 Bet9ja was co-founded by Ayo Ojuroye and Kunle Soname who are its CEO and chairman respectively. In 2022, Bet9ja became the official sponsor/partner of the Nigeria Professional Football League.


How To Win Bet9ja

How To Win Bet9ja

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What is Bet9ja’s Privacy policy?

171 Bet9ja says it will treat the data you provide to them as private and shall only use it in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Her Privacy Policy describes how they collect and process your personal information through your use of their website (the “Site”) and the online account you open with them (the “Account”), to create your Account profile, to ensure the security of the website and to enable you to use the products and the Account (collectively the “Services”). For the purposes of the Services, Bet9ja is the data controller of your Personal Data.


172 All references to ‘Personal Data in this Privacy Policy refer to any personal information about a natural person which enables that individual to be identified directly or indirectly by reference to the data provided.
The Personal Data they receive helps them provide, personalize, and continually improve the Services. They use the information to enable you to use the Services, process payments, communicate with you about your Account activity, products, services, and promotional offers, update their records and maintain your Account with them, display content, and recommend their products and services that might be of interest to you. They also use this information to improve their Services, prevent, detect or report fraud or abuses of their Services and enable third parties to carry out technical, logistical, or other functions on their behalf.

173 Information you give them: they collect the following information when you open an account with them: first name, surname, gender, date of birth, place of birth, postal address, email address, phone number, language, currency, a valid original copy of an official document bearing his names and photographs (passport or ID card). You may give them additional information that qualifies as Personal Data as part of your use of the Account and/or any of the Services.

174 Automatic Information: They automatically receive and store certain types of information whenever we interact with them. For example, like many websites, they use “cookies,” and other unique identifiers and they obtain certain types of information when your Web browser or device accesses their Services. Refer to your Web browser cookies setting options for more information on how to manage your cookies settings. Please note that they may not be able to provide you with all the site features and Services functionalities should you block or reject the cookies.

175 Information from other sources: They may receive information about you from other sources (such as from the payment providers or third-party identity verification service providers) and add it to your Account information and only according to this Privacy Policy.

176 You will also be required to provide login details of your choice, namely a username, and password which will be kept by them. They additionally require you to provide them with a payment method and payment details (such as bank transfer, credit card, or another acceptable means of payment) in order that you can credit your account and make the withdrawals.

177 You can access a broad range of information about your Account and your interactions with them, including your Personal Data. You may access that information about yourself by logging into your account. You also have the right to access your personal data at any time in order to make alterations to any personal information that may have changed or become obsolete. Should you believe that any personal information they hold for you is incorrect, please contact their customer services here.



179 They process your Personal Data to operate, provide and improve the Services. These purposes include:

180 Use of Bet9ja products and your Account: They use your Personal Data to process your bets, and payments to and from your Account and communicate with you about gaming activity, products, services, and promotional offers.

181 Provide, troubleshoot, and improve the Service: They use your Personal Data to provide functionality, analyze performance, fix errors, and improve the usability and effectiveness of the Services.

182 Recommendations: They may use your Personal Data to recommend features, products, and services that might be of interest to you and to identify your preferences.

183 Comply with legal and contractual requirements: In certain cases, they are required by law to collect and process your Personal Data.

184 Communicate with you: They use your personal information to communicate with you in relation to the Services via different channels (e.g., by phone, email, chat).

185 Advertising: They may use your personal information to display interest-based ads for features, products, and services that might be of interest to you.

186 Fraud Prevention: They process information to prevent or detect fraud and abuse in order to protect the security of their customers, Bet9ja, and others.



188 Making payments: depending on which payment service you use, you may need to disclose your Personal Data or part of it to your payment provider. Note that the payment provider already has your Personal Data to provide you with the payment services and their use of any Personal Data disclosed by them will be regulated by the payment provider’s privacy policy.

189 Third-parties service providers: They engage with the technology providers, financial institutions, other companies, and individuals to perform functions on their behalf and transactions that you request or authorize. Examples include sending e-mail, analyzing data, providing marketing assistance, processing payment transactions, verifying identity, fraud screening, and providing customer service. They have access to personal information needed to perform their functions, but may not use it for other purposes and must process the personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and as permitted by the applicable data protection legislation. Such third-party service providers may be based outside of Nigeria in the jurisdictions, including the EEA jurisdictions, that provide adequate levels of protection of personal data.

190 Advertising and Third-party Analytics providers: They may display interest-based ads to you when you are using Facebook through advertising tools offered by Facebook. They do not share any of your Personal Data with Facebook as the tools Facebook operates allow them to convert your email address to a unique identifier to match the unique identifiers Facebook generates from the email addresses of its users. They may also use third-party analytics providers, including Google, to collect information about the usage of their services and to enable them to improve how their Services work. Google Analytics and comparable providers use cookies and other similar technologies to collect information about the usage of their services and to report website trends to them.

191 Business Transfers: As they continue to develop their business, they might sell or buy other businesses or services. In such transactions, the user or other customer information generally is one of the transferred business assets but remains subject to the promises made in any pre-existing Privacy Policy. Also, in the unlikely event that Bet9ja or substantially all of its assets are acquired, user information will of course be one of the transferred assets.

192 Protection of Bet9ja and Others: They disclose accounts and other Personal Data when they believe disclosure is appropriate or required to comply with the law; enforce or apply their General Terms and Conditions and other agreements they have with you; or protect the rights, property, or safety of their business, their users, or others. This also includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations for fraud protection reduction as well as sharing information with their attorneys, auditors, and other representatives.



194 They design their systems with your security and privacy in mind. They work to protect the security of the information you provide to their websites by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt that information during transmission.

195 They maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in connection with the collection, storage, and disclosure of personal customer information. Our security procedures mean that they may occasionally request proof of identity before they disclose personal information to you.

196 It is important for you to take steps to protect against unauthorized access to your account and your password. You should keep your password and any security questions confidential. The security of your account relies on the protection of your password and security questions. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD. If you do share your password with a third party for any reason, the third party may have access to your account and your personal information, and you may be responsible for actions taken using your password. If you believe someone else has obtained access to your password, please change it immediately and also contact them right away.



198 The online betting and gaming services that they offer are strictly prohibited for persons less than 18 years of age or under the age of legal consent for using online betting and gaming services under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the person is located.



200 The online betting and gaming services that they offer are strictly prohibited for persons less than 18 years of age or under the age of legal consent for using online betting and gaming services under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the person is located.

201 Consequently, minors may not register and play on their Site. They collect proof of identification from their customers as part of their age verification process.

202 Any minor who is found to be gambling on Bet9ja shall have his/her Account immediately blocked. Bet9ja reserves the right to conduct a security review to validate your identity and age. Registration of the Account authorizes them to conduct such security reviews supplied by you against third-party databases.



Bet9ja shall take no responsibility whatsoever for events beyond its control inclusive of, but not limited to, acts of god or natural disasters and including power cuts and strikes.

Unless stated otherwise, their current Privacy Policy applies to all information that they have about you and your Account. It may become necessary, at any time, for them to make modifications to this Privacy Policy and they will publish such modifications on the website. Continued use of the Services will be considered as your acceptance thereof. Such modifications will not impact your Account registration details unless required to the contrary by law.

It is the responsibility of each customer to regularly check the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for updates. The laws of Nigeria shall govern this Privacy Policy.

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