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Argentina to Play Friendly Match Against Bangladesh



Argentina Fans Excited About Friendly Against Bangladesh

Kazi Salahuddin, the Bangladesh Football Federation President, announced that Argentina have shown interest in a friendly match against Bangladesh. The exact date has not been announced, but Argentina fans are excited and have flooded social media with memes and posts regarding the news. The team won the World Cup in 2022 and received support from fans all around the world, especially from South Asian countries.

Bangladesh and India’s Outpouring of Support for Argentina

Since Diego Maradona won the World Cup in 1986, his visits to India twice ignited the love and support of people in Bangladesh and India. The Argentina team has already visited both India and Bangladesh once back in 2011 when Lionel Messi played his first matches as a captain in the countries. Thousands of supporters gathered in different places in these countries and enjoyed the live streaming of Argentina’s World Cup matches together.

Lionel Messi’s Visit to India and Bangladesh

Lionel Messi was overwhelmed with the love and support he received during his visit in 2011 when he played his first matches as a captain in India and Bangladesh. Even after more than a decade since his visits, he has won the World Cup as Argentina’s captain and both India and Bangladesh continue to support the team. Messi expressed his gratitude for their support and now the team will visit Bangladesh for a friendly match.

Fans Excited for the Upcoming Match

Fans have taken over the internet and flooded social media with memes and posts regarding the upcoming friendly match between Argentina and Bangladesh. Some fans are even calling Lionel Messi their own, a ‘Bangladeshi’. Despite not having an exact date for the match yet, fans are excited and eagerly waiting for Argentina to show their skills on the field against Bangladesh.



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