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Are we finally entering an era of electric school buses?



The potential of electric school buses

But now it’s up to us to ensure they have the greatest impact – and that starts with a comprehensive understanding of just what electric buses can do. By modernizing student transit, we can improve our communities, change the way our children experience the school day and even rapidly improve our energy infrastructure.

Reducing noise pollution

Electric buses also reduce noise pollution; studies have found them to be 24 decibels quieter inside the bus and 25 decibels quieter outside the bus than diesel. A quieter ride means children are more likely to arrive at school with a calmer headspace, ready and eager to learn.

The rise of electric vehicles

Electric buses are already taking over the automobile market; compared to 2020, sales of new electric vehicles more than doubled in 2021 and are projected to have another record-setting year.

The environmental impact of electric school buses

Each electric school bus is also equivalent to planting 1,500 trees and removing five cars on the road. The impact is quantifiable and is driving innovation in school communities across the country to deploy electric buses to return power to the grid and reduce their carbon footprint.

Returning power to the grid

The deployment of electric buses is one of the easiest ways to conserve energy, returning power to the grid. Electric fleets give back more energy than they consume during the day, and each electric bus has enough charge to provide electricity to four to six homes for one day.

A promising future

Federal funding and a growing number of schools deploying electric buses is an excellent start to removing thousands of diesel school buses from the roads. Electric buses can, and will, improve the future. They will change our world, improve educational outcomes and create energy in our communities.

The time is now

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