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Apple Set to Unveil iPhone 15 Amidst Global Pressure



 Apple Set to Unveil iPhone 15 Amidst Global Pressure
Apple Set to Unveil iPhone 15 Amidst Global Pressure

In the coming hours, Apple is set to launch the latest version of their best-selling product, the iPhone. However, in recent weeks, the handset has faced pressure from both the European Union and China. With a global decline in smartphone sales, Apple’s virtual reality headset, which is packaged as a potential future iPhone, will not be available for purchase until next year and will cost $3,500.

For now, we will meet the 16th generation of a device that has revolutionized the smartphone market since its launch in 2007. Despite the lack of official previews from Apple, there are already nearly five billion Google search results for “iPhone 15”. Speculation and leaks suggest that the new models will be slightly lighter, with improved chips, better battery life, improved cameras, and a titanium chassis.

This may sound familiar, as this is a typical evolution seen in Apple’s handset generations. However, this continuous improvement may be contributing to slower sales worldwide, as people are holding on to their devices for longer periods. Ben Wood, a smartphone expert, states that Apple has achieved a significant milestone with the high number of iPhones in circulation.

At the Apple annual September event in the US, we can expect a theatrical display of the company’s prowess. However, there is one physical development that hasn’t been seen before, especially noticeable in Europe. The iPhone 15 will likely feature a USB-C charging cable point, marking a shift from the proprietary lightning cable used in previous models.

While Apple claims that changing products leads to innovation, the EU has mandated that all portable devices must be compatible with a universal charger by December 2024. This has caused disagreement, with the rest of the consumer tech sector not ready to convert to the lightning cable format. Nevertheless, second-hand iPhone markets are booming, especially in Africa.

In addition to the EU, China has also imposed restrictions on iPhones in state-run buildings due to security concerns. This, along with the ongoing tech tensions between China and the US, has caused Apple’s share price to fluctuate. Although the majority of people in China use Android devices, the iPhone remains the best-selling premium brand.

As we await the unveiling of the new iPhone, it remains to be seen how much the rest of the world desires this latest technological marvel from Apple.

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