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Apple’s New Music App



Intelligent Streaming for Classical Music Fans

Apple has launched a new streaming app, Apple Music Classical, which offers a smart approach to browsing and discovering classical music. The app provides curated playlists and editor picks, and includes access to 5 million classical tracks. These tracks span multiple eras and styles, and include modern works and film scores. The app is currently only available on iPhone with an Android version in the works. There is some crossover with the main Apple Music app, but the interface is not the same. Additionally, the app does not currently work on iPad or Mac. It is important to note that there is a workaround if you wish to download a song, by creating a playlist and accessing that playlist in the main Music app.

A Better Way to Discover Classical Music

It is exciting to see that Apple is working to make classical music more easily accessible through their new app. This approach could help to get classical music fans who may currently use Spotify to switch to Apple Music. I hope that Apple will continue to invest resources in this area, so that the two apps become even more user-friendly and effective. It would be great to see additional ways to listen to classical music, as well as the ability to access it through Siri.



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