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Apple’s iOS 17 Update Brings Exciting New Features to iPhones and AirPods Pro


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While the world was eagerly awaiting Apple’s “Wonderlust” event on Tuesday, the tech giant also made an announcement regarding the release date of their updated operating system. Apple’s iOS 17 is set to be launched on September 18th, and it brings a host of new features to the range of iPhones, including the newly released iPhone 15.

The iOS 17 update encompasses various aspects of the iPhone’s functionality, ranging from the phone itself, messaging capabilities, and applications. Additionally, iOS 17 introduces exciting new features and modes for both iPhone users and AirPods Pro owners.

One intriguing feature allows iPhone users to put their phones in standby mode while charging them on their side. While in this mode, the phone can serve as a clock, shuffle through photos, or operate widgets.

An innovative addition to iOS 17 is the live voicemail screening feature. This function enables users to read a transcript of a voicemail in real-time, allowing them to decide whether or not to answer the call.

Another notable feature is the ability for FaceTime users to project their calls onto an Apple TV device. While the iPhone or iPad serves as the outgoing camera, the incoming video can be viewed on a larger screen.

The new NameDrop feature, an extension of the popular AirDrop feature, allows iPhone users to exchange contact information by simply bringing their phones close to each other.

Furthermore, FaceTime users now have the option to leave video messages if the recipient does not pick up the call. These video messages function similarly to voicemails and include all the fun video effects available during a regular FaceTime call. Additionally, users can program iOS 17 to automatically silence FaceTime calls from non-contacts.

The phone app on iPhones has also received updates, providing users with new visual alerts for incoming calls from contacts.

Improvements to the Autocorrect and predictive text features are also part of this update, enhancing the overall typing experience for users.

Not forgetting AirPods Pro users, the iOS 17 update introduces Adaptive Audio. This mode adjusts the volume of media and noise cancellation to match the user’s surroundings.

Additionally, iOS 17 includes a Conversation Awareness mode, which customizes the volume of what’s playing and amplifies the voices of people directly in front of the user.

Lastly, users can now conveniently mute a microphone, media, or end a call directly from their AirPods, providing more control and ease of use.

With the release of iOS 17, Apple continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving the user experience across its range of devices.


Chukwudi Nwosu
Chukwudi Nwosu
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