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Anthony Joshua Enjoying Trailblazing Career



Anthony Joshua’s New Dawn Begins

Anthony Joshua is one of the most significant figures in modern-day boxing, kicking off his bright future on Saturday by facing Jermaine Franklin. The British boxer has already made a name for himself with two heavyweight world championship titles, which he gained following his gold medal win at the 2012 Olympics.

Parallel with Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua’s boxing career has had several similarities with Tyson Fury’s, as they have both become two of the UK’s biggest boxing stars simultaneously. Both of them have participated in high-profile battles on both sides of the Atlantic. Wembley, one of the most iconic British arenas, has been packed out for both of these fighters.

A Great Fight That Never Happened

In spite of numerous attempts to produce the most significant heavyweight British fight of all time, the pair has yet to meet each other in the ring. Despite this inability to make the fight happen, both fighters have managed to achieve enormous success and have become some of the most prominent personalities in British sports circles.

Sponsorships and Earnings

The two fighters have capitalized on their fame over the years, signing several lucrative contracts and partnerships. They have the ability to command extravagant fees, and their impressive career earnings have elevated their status. Fury has claimed to have a modest lifestyle despite his net worth being estimated at up to £130 million, while Joshua is believed to have a net worth of about £118 million.



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