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Air Arabia Sudan plans take flight with legal establishment



New subsidiary to operate in three to five-hour radius

The partnership between Air Arabia and DAL Group, announced in September 2022, has led to plans to launch Air Arabia Sudan. The new low-cost carrier will use Airbus A320s and operate out of Khartoum International Airport. CEO Adel Al Ali recently confirmed that Air Arabia Sudan has been established as a legal company, and will now work towards receiving its air operator’s certificate (AOC) in April. This process can take up to 18 months, so a start date for operations is unclear at this stage.

AOC application process beginning now

Air Arabia CEO Adel Al Ali confirmed at the Arab Aviation Summit that Air Arabia Sudan has achieved legal status and it will begin its air operator’s certificate (AOC) application process in April. Depending on the country, it can take anywhere from eight months to 18 months to receive the certificate. After this, it will be clear when the airline can start operating.

Routes yet to be decided

According to Adel Al Ali, Air Arabia Sudan will adapt the tested formula of the airline, choosing a base and having a three to five-hour radius for its flights. He also highlighted the potential of the Sudanese market with growing business relationships with the Middle East and Africa. The decision on which routes to operate is yet to be revealed.

Competition against existing Sudanese carriers

Air Arabia Sudan will compete against existing Sudanese carriers, including Tarco Aviation, Badr Airlines, and Sudan Airways. Badr Airlines currently operates flights between Khartoum and London Gatwick Airport. With its radius of operation, Air Arabia Sudan also has the potential to operate routes to Europe and across Africa.

New subsidiary joins growing Air Arabia group

Air Arabia Sudan will join the growing Air Arabia group of subsidiary airlines. Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, Air Arabia Egypt, and Air Arabia Maroc already operate. In addition to Air Arabia Sudan, Fly Arna and Fly Jinnah were launched by the group in Armenia and Pakistan, respectively, in the second half of 2022.