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Aid to Ethiopia’s Tigray inadequate – UN agency



Aid to Tigray from Ethiopia is inadequate: UN agency

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United Nations

United Nations, May 6, 2022 The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says recent aid to Ethiopia’s Tigray region is not enough, promising more efforts to increase deliveries of relief supplies.

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The agency said a total of 169 trucks carrying around 4,300 metric tons of desperately needed relief supplies arrived in Ethiopia’s Tigray region in April.

He said the supplies were, however, a small fraction of the amount needed.

He said the last convoy of 27 trucks carrying nearly 1,000 metric tons of food and other essential items arrived in Tigray’s regional capital, Mekelle, on April 29-30.

According to the agency, it is the fourth humanitarian convoy to arrive in Tigray since the aid transport resumed in early April after more than three months of interruption.

It added that essential services, including electricity, communications networks and banking, remained cut off in the region. The agency said the UN and its partners would continue to work with authorities to increase deliveries of relief supplies to Tigray, including seeds and fertilizer, ahead of the critical summer planting season. (


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