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After governorship and state assembly elections, APC faces challenge for National Assembly Leadership



Title: APC Faces Tough Battle for National Assembly Leadership

Party Directed Members to Focus on Elections First

One task that the APC faces now is the leadership of the National Assembly immediately after winning the governorship and state assembly elections. The party directed its members to leave the issue of National Assembly leadership and focus on winning the elections. The national chairman warned members to refrain from causing rifts within the party while seeking positions.

PDP Challenges APC’s Expected Majority

Even though the APC has the majority seats in the 10th National Assembly, the PDP presents a challenge with significant opposition. The APC would produce the majority leadership while the PDP, as expected, would produce the minority principal officers.

Lobbying Among Members

Although the party has instructed them to focus on the elections, some members are still lobbying one another for votes. Former governors have been spotted lobbying the first-time senators who are being cajoled with membership promises on lucrative committee positions.

Tinubu Reveals He Has No Preferred Candidates Yet

The President-elect of the APC, Bola Tinubu, disclosed that there is no preferred candidate yet for the National Assembly leadership. Despite this, lobbying has begun among members and some lawmakers have approached their colleagues individually while others have hosted scores of the National Assembly members to a luncheon.

Zoning Also Presents a Challenge

While some senators are asking that the party leave the post open, others want it to be zoned. The North West has been marginalised according to some of its constituents and if zoned, some see it either going to Kalu or Umahi, while others believe that the party should ignore zoning and base it on competence and experiences of the persons involved.

APC Plans to Avoid a 2015 Repeat

After the party suffered setbacks with Bukola Saraki in the 2015 National Assembly, the APC is taking precautions to avoid a repeat. The party is expected to consider sharing political offices across the zones and ensuring the equitable sharing of positions to avoid the perceived lack of participation by some zones.



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