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The African Energy Chamber is Proud to Announce its Support for the Namibia International Energy Conference 2022



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African Energ

The African Energy Chamber ( is pleased to announce its fervent support for the fourth edition of the Namibia International Energy Conference 2022, founded and organized by Rich Africa Consultancy, which will take place in Windhoek from 20 to 22 April with the official backing of the Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy, headed by HE Minister Tom Alweendo.

current naija news

current naija news

Energy Mix

Under the theme “The Energy Mix: Positioning for Investment, Industrialization and Growth”, the two-day flagship event will be the official meeting place for the Namibian energy industry, bringing together energy leaders and stakeholders with international investors and financiers through a platform. to facilitate constructive dialogue and networking opportunities, driving industry growth and promoting Namibia as the new destination for energy investments.

Recognized as Namibia’s official energy conference, the highly anticipated thought leadership event will bring together participating companies, international investors, service companies and various international delegations to provide updates on exploration activities, green hydrogen developments and regional projects and others in progress, thus serving as the exclusive platform through which ongoing and future projects will be announced, highlighting upcoming business and investment opportunities within the country.

Namibian International Energy Conference

“Namibia has truly and nicely demonstrated its commitment to its energy future, a commitment that will be emphasized at the Namibian International Energy Conference this year. Like most African countries, Namibia is keen to capitalize on the potential of its basins and the Conference will be a catalyst to drive investment and development and help Namibia achieve these goals,” says NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Chamber of Energy.

Minister Tom Alweendo

“Minister Tom Alweendo has demonstrated his utmost commitment to the development of Namibia’s growing energy sector. We at the African Chamber of Energy support him at all times”, adds Ayuk.

Shell Namibia Upstream and QatarEnergy

Committed to driving the growth and development of the industry across the country, the event will take place on the heels of the massive light oil discovery made off the coast of Namibia by Shell Namibia Upstream and QatarEnergy. Announced by the Namibian National Petroleum Corporation (Namcor), the discovery was made in the Graff-1 deepwater exploration well, located 270 km from the diamond mining town of Oranjemund, in the Orange Basin, where drilled to a total depth of 5,376m in water depths of approximately 2,000m. With drilling operations on the Graff-1 well beginning in December 2021, Namcor has indicated its intention to accelerate development of the oil field to have production by 2026. Shell has stated that the exploration well has shown exciting results, with the presence of a running oil system with high-quality light oil.

Reconnaissance Energy Africa

With its vast reserves estimated at 11 billion barrels of oil and 2.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, Namibia has been a major draw for regional and international oil companies, with ongoing drilling campaigns by the company oil and gas exploration firm, Reconnaissance Energy Africa, and new explorers demonstrating interest in Namibia’s high-potential oil and gas market, signaling the southern African country’s readiness to welcome investors in its diverse energy sector . Industry players present in the country include Tullow Oil, which is currently exploring offshore Namibia; ExxonMobil, which is currently exploring the Namibe Frontier Basin in partnership with Namcor; as well as TotalEnergies and Africa Oil Corporation, which are currently operating the Venus-1X exploration well. Additionally, the country has shown unprecedented leadership in developing its massive green hydrogen project, which has the potential to produce up to 300,000 tons of green hydrogen per year for regional and global markets.

Preliminary analyzes of Namibia’s green hydrogen market potential show that the country could become a leading global market for green ammonia production. With the global market expected to grow to over 500 million tonnes by 2050 and exacerbated by the drive towards decarbonization and net zero policies implemented by most major developed economies, Namibia could be a new entrant in the highly prospective green hydrogen market.

“Namibia’s world-class resources give it a long-term advantage, particularly as the country lays the groundwork for the development of a green hydrogen market, a market that remains relatively new and untapped, and has the potential to promote industrialization in the country. , transforming the country into a captain of the green hydrogen industry,” says Ayuk.

African Continental Free Trade Area

Dedicated to enhancing collaboration, knowledge and investment among energy industry stakeholders and driving greater understanding of the continent’s energy landscape to promote socio-economic development, the conference will bring together numerous perspectives from across the energy value chain, serving as the main platform through which industry players can shape the future of energy in Namibia and the rest of the region, keeping a close eye on the latest developments in the energy industry, the state of the electricity market , the role of natural gas and the future of renewable energies, as well as the financing of the energy sector, the development of infrastructure and the benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Ministry of Mines and Energy

As the demand for consistent energy sources increases across the country, Namibia and its Ministry of Mines and Energy are committed to driving progress in the future of the country’s oil and gas sector.

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