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Africa WorldTour team partners with UK security application leaders



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Team Qhubeka AS

Busby, the UK‘s leading micro-mobility security app, founded in Liverpool, today announced its partnership with Team Qhubeka ASSOS (, Africa’s only UCI WorldTour cycling team.

naija news

naija news

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Barry Green

Busby, launched in November 2019 by Liverpool-born friends Barry Green, James Duffy and Kirk Ryan, aims to make cycling, along with other sports and activities, safer.

Busby, which since August 2020 has been the world’s only automatic incident response app, works with your phone’s sensors to keep you safe. If a user is involved in an incident, the app will start a 30 second countdown to move or respond and if there is no movement or response their exact location is sent to emergency contacts. so that help can arrive quickly.

To prevent incidents, Busby also alerts other nearby road users that a cyclist is nearby to educate them. In just one year of operation, the Busby app has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people in over 85 countries around the world.

Qhubeka ASSOS

The Qhubeka ASSOS team, formerly NTT Pro Cycling, races at the highest level of sport, which includes the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España, as well as the main stage races in the sport and the races of ‘a day including the five monuments of cycling.

Team Qhubeka

The organization also includes our Under 23 development team, Team Qhubeka, which is based in Italy and races under a UCI Continental license.

Qhubeka Charity

Not only is the team in high performance sportswear, but it’s also a goal-driven organization, evidenced by its long-standing partnership with the Qhubeka Charity and the philosophy that bikes change lives.

Team Qhubeka ASSOS and Busby

The collaboration between Team Qhubeka ASSOS and Busby will not only allow cyclists but also the team behind them to obtain a free premium Busby subscription which offers users additional safety on the roads such as incident detection, incident prevention, the reporting of near misses and an SOS Busby. rocket function if a cyclist needs medical or mechanical support.

Douglas Ryder, Founder and Director of Team Qhubeka ASSOS, said:

“Leading a cycling team is like where business is today, a hybrid work environment where you don’t physically see people every day. And then when your team or business is built with people and involves high performing individuals; Knowing where they are and whether they are safe is essential for them to do their job and for us to do ours.

Team Qhubeka ASSOS

“This is the reason why Team Qhubeka ASSOS is teaming up with Busby, the best cycling application for road safety, both for our staff and for the riders. This gives us peace of mind, the peace of mind of our families and makes us more responsive to medical or mechanical assistance. You are never alone with Busby.

James Duffy, co-founder of Busby, said:

World Tour

“This is certainly a milestone for Busby, our first World Tour team, and we are absolutely delighted to help further protect the Qhubeka Assos team and their staff while they are on and off the road.

Team Qhubeka Assos

Road safety is a global problem and the 8th leading cause of death in the world and our mission is to help improve road safety for all vulnerable road users through our technology. Basic security features are free, and through our partnership with Team Qhubeka Assos, we want to push Busby across Africa and help protect as many people as possible.

Whether you are biking, horseback riding, walking to school or running, Busby will be by your side all the time and if (God forbid) anything irregular happens Busby will recognize it. and send your exact location to your loved ones. , emergency contacts or your employers so that help can arrive as quickly as possible.

We’re excited to announce a number of new features over the next month, such as GroupSafe – keeping users together in a safe group, SmartStart – Busby turns on automatically if you’re active, even if you forget to activate it and the ability for us to pay users to be safe with digital currency (stay tuned!). “

Google Play

Busby is available for free download on iOS and Google Play.

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