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AEPB serves hawkers, corporate beggars quit notice, seizes 3,000 used tyres



Abuja Environmental Protection Board

The Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), on Friday, removed more than 3,000,000 tires used as roadblocks, warning street vendors, corporate beggars and commercial sex workers to leave the city or face prosecution. judicial.

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Braimah Osilama

Mr. Braimah Osilama, Director of the AEPB, had this to say in Abuja, while addressing journalists on how the board would be strengthened to achieve its mandates.

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Osilama reiterated the board’s commitment to ensure that street vendors, beggars and other groups of people who constitute an environmental nuisance, as well as all forms of waste, are eliminated from the FCT.

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According to him, the board had removed more than 3,000 tires in the city, the exercise started a few days ago and we are still in it.

“We want to make sure that all the tires used as barricades are removed, most people are using them for road marking.

“They don’t want people passing through the area and these tires are waste, they have no business in a modern city. So, we are already eliminating them, they must use the appropriate signage.

“Tires create nuisances, such as public health implications, because they consume water inside during the rainy season and it becomes a living place for mosquitoes there, our health.

“They should just use concrete materials to demarcate the area without using tires.

“We have discussed with some of the security officers who used tires to mark the roads to their offices and they are willing to cooperate with us,” he said.

AEPB van and owners of some items seized

Osilama said that the AEPB was committed to ensuring that it worked in line with the FCT administration, which was about creating a first-class city similar to others around the world.

National Assembly

He said that the AEPB had a new law that would address the prosecution of violators of any type of act, adding that the law had passed the first and second stages in the National Assembly and was ready for a public hearing.

Osilama denounced that the previous law was not as rigid as it should be, since when an offender committed a crime and was brought to our mobile court, the person would be sentenced with an optional fine of N500 only.

“The offender will easily pay the fine and return to his normal act. But, with this new law it will be tougher and I think it will help us achieve our mandates effectively,” he said.

Osilama said the board would make sure street vendors, street vendors and corporate beggars were driven out of the city, adding that the issue had become a big challenge for the board.

“No matter how we remove them they will keep coming back, it is a big challenge and what people really don’t know is that these street vendors are causing security problems, some of them are involved in robberies and other crimes.

“So I call on those who buy from street vendors to stop patronizing them, rather they should go to the stores and buy what they intend to buy, it is safer and healthier.

He said that the AEPB also plans to strengthen action against noise pollutants, while warning all owners and operators of event centers, parks, gardens, religious places and other facilities within the FCT areas to comply.

“We have laws that govern all these acts, the law says that such gatherings should not create a nuisance or disturb other residents, so we want to strengthen the law,” he said.

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He said the AEPB was also planning to start a house-to-house inspection exercise, adding that the effort was to ensure people lived in safe conditions.

“The essence of the inspection is to educate people on the importance of always using their dumpsters, and this will help residents keep their environments clean and healthy.

“I also want to call on all residents to make sure they pay their utility bills properly to avoid embarrassment,” added Osilama.

Kaka Bello

Mr. Kaka Bello, deputy director of the Supervision and Compliance department, said that the board had been in the exercise of removing used tires at the FCT for the past four days, adding that it was an ongoing exercise.

Central Zones

Bello said that the AEPB had gone to areas such as Asokoro, Vía Aeropuerto, Central Zones and the Apo district, adding that the tires were taken to landfills in the Gusa Village in the FCT for recycling.

He said the problem of people not respecting the board was a big problem, adding that the board would continue to make sure violators were prosecuted accordingly.

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