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Adanian Labs partners with EMURGO Africa to develop blockchain start-ups in Africa



Adanian Labs partners with EMURGO Africa to develop blockchain start-ups in Africa

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Our goal is to create solutions through the impact goals of the SDGs that will propel African economies while creating a massive impact on young people.

NAIROBI, Kenya, October 15, 2021 / APO Group / –

EMURGO is the official trading arm of the Cardano blockchain; This investment is part of EMURGO Africa, a subsidiary of EMURGO’s new $ 100 million Cardano ecosystem investment vehicle; The undisclosed funding will support Adanian Labs ( in its mission to create 300 tech startups across Africa.

Adanian Labs, a pan-African venture capital studio today announced its partnership with EMURGO (, the official investment arm of Cardano ( blockchain to scale technology startups in Africa and develop the Cardano ecosystem. EMURGO has invested an undisclosed amount of 7 times as a seed investment in Adanian Labs through its new investment entity EMURGO Africa (

This investment is focused on achieving one of Cardano’s goals of bringing financial and educational empowerment through its blockchain platform to the billions who do not have these opportunities.

Founded in 2020, Adanian Labs is focused on creating a platform where African tech start-ups can thrive and access all the key resources that allow them to grow in a sustainable manner. The lab provides all the essential support start-ups would need to launch and grow on the continent, including access to finance, technology development, technical support, go-to-market strategies and partnerships.

John Kamara, CEO of Adanian Labs, said: “We are extremely encouraged by the partnership with EMURGO Africa as their vision of building a thriving tech ecosystem in Africa is well aligned with ours. We aim to create 300 tech-driven, impact-driven start-ups by 2025. We are passionate about our drive to create ‘CAMELS’ of strong and resilient businesses, entrepreneurs and youth who will support economies African women, even with limited resources. We invented #TheCamelTheory knowing the equity challenges Africa has in its rotation towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

As a venture studio, Adanian Labs uses its unique positioning to create and spearhead the sharing economy for African start-ups, by building a socio-economic ecosystem revolving around resource sharing, creation , production, distribution, trade and consumption.

“As a start-up that creates start-ups, we apply the principles of lean start-ups in processes, learning, iteration, scaling and innovative solutions. Our goal is to create solutions through the impact goals of the SDGs that will propel African economies while creating massive impact on young people. Kamara further stated.

“This partnership with EMURGO Africa will allow us to forge more effective collaborations that will allow us to build faster, scale faster and optimize capitalization, creating a win-win advantage for all our partners in the nature of sharing our growing ecosystem. Kamara concludes.

Ken Kodama, CEO of EMURGO, said: “We are focusing more than ever on accelerating the development of the Cardano ecosystem with a rich mix of decentralized services for a global community that is increasingly aware of blockchain, including in Africa. EMURGO Africa is particularly dedicated to providing financial and educational empowerment opportunities on the continent by providing the capital and strategic partnerships necessary for local startups to grow rapidly and bring new solutions to Cardano. Our partnership with Adanian Labs gives us a great framework to launch into Africa. “

The Adanian Labs – EMURGO Africa partnership marks a new dawn for African technological evolution that aims to foster private sector growth and see the emergence of a thriving middle class.

Tech startups interested in joining Adanian Labs can apply through Adanian Labs website – and join its various communities on digital social platforms.

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