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Actress Claire Goose reveals she asked to be killed off from Waking The Dead



Claire talks about her career in TV

Actress Claire Goose has revealed she wanted to be killed off from a hit BBC show she was starring in. The former Casualty star was appearing on ITV1‘s James Martin’s Saturday Morning during which the celebrity chef cooked her a chicken escalope dish.

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From one episode to four series

During the chat, James spoke to Claire about how she got into acting and her career. He made reference to the fact she has appeared in lots of hit TV dramas, including crime show Waking The Dead. Speaking about the show, in which she played Amelia ‘Mel’ Silver, revealed she was actually only supposed to be in it for one episode. However, the chemistry between her and rest of the BBC show’s cast, which included acting legends Trevor Eve and Sue Johnston, was so good, she was kept on.

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Her own doing

But after spending four series on the show, which aired between September 2000 and April 2011, Claire’s character was killed off when a suspect attacked her in what was a big shock for fans at the time. But Claire revealed to James – who runs The Lydon Arms in the Cotswolds – her grizzly ending was her own doing.

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The decision to kill off Mel

Speaking about her time on Waking The Dead, Claire told James: “I said to the producers of casualty I wanted to do three years and go and I had nothing to go on to. And then I think it was maybe a couple of weeks after I’d finished, I was asked to go read for the pilot of Waking The Dead with Trevor Eve and Sue Johnston and I just thought ‘oh yeah, I’ll go and do that’.

“Anyway, we shot the pilot and at the end of the pilot and then I found out at the end of the pilot my character Mel was actually supposed to die and they just loved what we were all doing as a team of five of us, so they rewrote it and kept me alive – and then killed me four years later.”

Her and James then laughed when the latter mentioned the fact Mel was killed off a few years later instead. This was when Claire revealed it was actually her decision to have Mel killed. “Actually, to be fair, I did ask that,” she explained. “They (the producers) were like ‘really, do we have to kill you off?’ and I was like ‘yeah, go on, just do it’.”

Finding inspiration in Prime Suspect

The 48-year-old also said about how it was watching another crime drama on ITV that inspired her acting career. Claire, who grew up in rural Norfolk, said: “It was a very specific thing.

“I remember, I think maybe like you when you grow up somewhere quite rural you don’t sort of see things that might present themselves as possibilities to you because you haven’t seen anyone else around you do that. So I wasn’t really aware that you could do that as a profession.

“But I loved watching telly and then I remember watching Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect and I vividly remember turning round to my mum and going that’s what I want to do. She was like ‘right, OK, well then you need to do drama’, so they just found a local drama school and it just sort of went from there really.”



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