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A Toast to Irish Heritage: Biden and McCarthy Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day



A Long-Awaited Tradition

After years of pandemic restrictions, President Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy finally got to experience the most “Irish” presidential tradition: the St. Patrick’s Day toast in the Capitol with Irish leadership.

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Shared Heritage Amid Political Differences

Biden and McCarthy used the opportunity to celebrate their shared Irish ancestry and put aside their political differences for the festivities. Sitting on either side of Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, the three appeared friendly and cordial, despite their ongoing political battles over the 2024 budget and debt limit.

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A Light-Hearted Exchange

McCarthy started off by jokingly asking Varadkar, “Which one of us is more Irish?” The president joined in, matching the speaker’s lighthearted tone, and stressing that there’s always a chance to find common ground, regardless of political differences.

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A Return to Normalcy

The annual St. Patrick’s Day visit was called off in 2021 due to pandemic travel restrictions. However, this year, Biden and Varadkar discussed various topics, including the war in Ukraine and the political situation in Northern Ireland.

A Promise of Hospitality

The lunch concluded with a performance by “Cherish the Ladies,” a Grammy-nominated group, and a pair of male Irish dancers. Varadkar and Biden discussed a visit back to the president’s ancestral lands, and the Irish leader promised to “roll out the red carpet” for his arrival.



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