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A roundup of all the unsuspecting celebrities who vape



Kylie Jenner blowing vape rings on her Snapchat story is a core memory

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Vanessa Hudgens recently announced that she’s giving up vaping this year and shared a photo of herself glammed up to the sky with a vape in hand. He’s a bit of an unsuspecting celebrity who enjoys vaping and it turns out, with a little digging, there are a lot more famous people who enjoy a Juul or Elf Bar. So welcome to the world of vaping celebrities, starting with Love Islander Adam Collard. .

nigerian news today headlines

Adam Collard

nigerian news today headlines

Davide was the only islander to smoke last season, however Adam Collard vaped according to Coco Lodge. She said: “Only Davide smoked, so he was probably having a good time by himself. Adam Collard vaped, but came back later.”


Adele not only has a reputation for being a great vocalist, but she is also known for vaping. In 2019, she and Drake rented an entire 32-lane bowling alley and visited a vape lounge.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leo is one of the most well-known vaping advocates. He is a long-time vaper and was even photographed with an e-cigarette in 2009.

ben affleck

You can’t be the face of one of the best memes in the world and not vape, right?


Last year, Dua Lipa quit smoking as part of a major health push ahead of her 81-day world tour. He transformed his lifestyle in hopes of improving his performance for his fans.

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond has the energy of Tiny Tim and for that reason alone, I can’t imagine this man inhaling an Elf bar. He is too fragile in my eyes. But alas, he is no stranger to vaping.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik loves to vape, his Paper Mag cover even featured him smoking his vape. There are so many Pap smear photos of him enjoying his time with the steam kit in tow on him.

Miley Cyrus

Miley is another celeb outspoken about vaping and doesn’t even try to hide her device during live performances.

helen flanagan

Helen Flanagan aka Rosie Webster in Coronation Street stepped out for an e-cigarette launch in 2014 and the visuals are amazing. She was the face of the new brand, Kik E-Cigarettes.

Kylie Jenner

Back in the days when Kylie Jenner acted like the queen of social media, she shared a video of herself on her story. It turned out that she was quite a talented vaper and could even blow up vape rings. The Mail Online published a story claiming that she blew the smoke “like an expert”.

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