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A Deeper Look Into the Wild and Ridiculous Moments of Sex/Life Season Two



The second season of Netflix’s “Sex/Life”, created by showrunner Stacy Rukeyser has propelled the show’s reputation to one of the most outrageous series around.

From Billie, proposing an affair to her ex-boyfriend to all the nudity and risque moments, the first season had us all talking.

What will season two bring?

From Adam Demos showing the tip of his penis in the opening of the second episode to Cooper and Francesca getting caught in-the-act in an office, the show certainly pushed the sex-taboos of the entertainment world.

There is no hesitation to also push boundaries elsewhere.

Cooper sleeps with his best friend’s wife and is once even caught with handcuffs to his bed by his kids.

Even Billie and her best friend Trina get involved in some inappropriate behavior.

Why did we need a nude scene of them in the shower reconciling?

It was not necessary and felt somewhat male-gaze-y.

It doesn’t stop there.

Brad gets involved in a massive lawsuit, Cooper does cocaine in full view of the courthouse and Devon has a penis reconstruction after being bit off by an escort during a car crash.

No matter what it pulled of in Sex/Life, we are sure it leaves viewers with uneasy feelings and a need to discuss some of their most ridiculous moments.



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