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  •  Tear gas fired as Sudan anti coup protests flare again
    Tear gas fired as Sudan anti-coup protests flare again
     Tear gas fired as Sudan anti coup protests flare again
    Tear gas fired as Sudan anti-coup protests flare again
    Foreign2 months ago

    Tear gas fired as Sudan anti-coup protests flare again

    Sudanese security forces fired tear gas on Friday at hundreds of protesters demonstrating for the second day in a row in the capital against last year's military coup, witnesses said.

    Protesters have gathered again near the presidential palace in Khartoum a day after at least nine people were killed during mass demonstrations against the military takeover led by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan last October.

    “People want to bring down Burhan,” activists chanted, while others, holding photos of people killed in protest-related violence, shouted, “We call for retaliation!”

    The death toll from protest-related violence has reached 113 since the coup, with the latest fatality reported on Friday after a protester died of injuries sustained at a protest on June 24, according to doctors. pro-democracy.

    Meanwhile, Sudanese police accused protesters of injuring 96 policemen and 129 soldiers, "some seriously," on Thursday, as well as damaging vehicles and setting fires.

    Thursday's crackdown defied calls from the international community for the Sudanese authorities to refrain from violence.

    The “violence must end”, demanded the UN special representative, Volker Perthes.

    US diplomat Lucy Tamlyn said she was "deeply concerned" by the reported deaths of protesters and the authorities' "use of live fire and aggression against medical professionals".

    'Excessive force' Last year's coup plunged Sudan into deepening turmoil that has led to rising consumer prices and life-threatening food shortages and sparked nearly weekly protests as well as ethnic clashes. .

    The United Nations, the African Union and the IGAD regional bloc have tried to facilitate talks between the generals and civilians, but have been boycotted by the main civilian factions.

    On Friday, the three bodies jointly condemned the violence and "the excessive use of force by the security forces and the lack of accountability for such actions, despite repeated commitments from the authorities."

    Thursday's protests came on the anniversary of a 1989 coup that toppled Sudan's last elected civilian government and ushered in three decades of iron-fisted rule by Islamist-backed General Omar al-Bashir.

    It was also the anniversary of the 2019 protests demanding that the generals who had ousted Bashir in a palace coup earlier that year cede power to civilians.

    Those protests led to the formation of the transitional civil-military government that was ousted in last year's coup.

  •  Semi automated offside technology to be used at FIFA World Cup 2022
    Semi-automated offside technology to be used at FIFA World Cup 2022™
     Semi automated offside technology to be used at FIFA World Cup 2022
    Semi-automated offside technology to be used at FIFA World Cup 2022™
    Africa2 months ago

    Semi-automated offside technology to be used at FIFA World Cup 2022™

    The system provides an automatic offside alert to the match refereeing team via video; 3D animation enhances communication with stadium fans and viewers; The technology has been successfully tested in previous FIFA tournaments (

    FIFA has announced that semi-automatic offside technology will be used at the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ in Qatar from 21 November, offering a support tool for video match officials and on-field referees. to help them do faster, more accurate and quicker. more reproducible offside decisions on the biggest stage of all.

    Following the successful use of VAR technology at the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ in Russia, FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated in The Vision 2020-23 that FIFA will strive to harness the full potential of the technology in football and further improve VAR. In the ensuing three years, FIFA has continued to be at the forefront of in-game technology.

    Working with adidas and various partners, and especially the Innovation Excellence Task Force ( and technology providers, FIFA has spent the last few years further improving the system. VAR, including the use of semi-automated offside technology.

    The new technology uses 12 dedicated tracking cameras mounted under the stadium roof to track the ball and up to 29 data points of each individual player, 50 times per second, calculating their exact position on the pitch. The 29 data points collected include all members and limbs that are relevant to making offside calls.

    The Al Rihla, the official adidas ball for Qatar 2022™, will provide an additional vital element for the detection of tight offside incidents, as an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor will be placed inside the ball. Located in the center of the ball, this sensor sends data from the ball to the video operating room 500 times per second, allowing for highly accurate detection of the kick spot.

    By combining limb and ball tracking data and applying artificial intelligence, the new technology provides an automatic offside alert to match officials via video inside the video operations room whenever an attacker receives the offside. ball in an offside position at that moment. the ball was played by a teammate. Before informing the referee on the field, video match officials validate the proposed decision by manually checking the automatically selected kick spot and the automatically created offside line, which is based on the calculated positions of the players' limbs . This process occurs within a few seconds and means that offside decisions can be made more quickly and accurately.

    Once the decision has been confirmed by the video match officials and the on-field referee, the same positional data points that were used to make the decision are generated into a 3D animation that perfectly details the position of the limbs of the players. players at the time the ball was played. This 3D animation, which will always show the best possible perspectives for an offside situation, will then be shown on the giant screens in the stadium and will also be made available to FIFA's broadcast partners to inform all viewers of the clearest way possible.

    The semi-automatic offside technology workflow and the connected ball technology have been successfully tested in numerous live and test events at FIFA tournaments, including the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup™ and the World Cup of FIFA Clubs 2021™.

    During these matches, the new technology was able to support the video match officials by helping them make more accurate and reproducible offside decisions in a shorter period of time.

    Data collected during online and offline testing has been analyzed and validated by the MIT Sports Lab, with TRACK at the University of Victoria scientifically validating the limb tracking technology. A research team from ETH Zurich is providing more information on the technological capabilities of such multi-camera tracking systems.

    Further testing will take place in the coming months to fine-tune the system before a global standard is implemented to ensure the new technology can be used in the world of football.

    Full details on the setup of semi-automatic offside technology ( and connected ball technology will be presented to teams that qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Team Workshop in Doha on July 4 and 5 and then shared with the public.

    FIFA President Gianni Infantino: “At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, FIFA took the bold step of using VAR technology on the world's biggest stage, and it has proven to be an undisputed success. Semi-automatic offside technology is an evolution of VAR systems that have been implemented around the world. This technology is the culmination of three years of dedicated research and testing to bring the very best to the teams, players and fans traveling to Qatar later this year, and FIFA takes great pride in this work as we look forward to the world. . seeing the benefits of semi-automatic offside technology at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. FIFA is committed to leveraging technology to improve the game of football at all levels, and the use of semi-automatic offside technology at the FIFA World Cup in 2022 is the clearest possible evidence.”

    Pierluigi Collina, Chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee: “VAR has already had a very positive impact on football and we can see that the number of major errors has already been drastically reduced. We hope that semi-automatic offside technology can take us one step further. We are aware that sometimes the process of verifying a possible offside takes too long, especially when the incidence of offside is very tight. This is where semi-automatic offside technology comes in, to deliver faster and more accurate decisions.”

    “The tests have been a great success and we are very confident that, in Qatar, we will have a very valuable support tool to help referees and assistant referees to make the best and correct decision on the field of play. I know someone called it 'robot offside'; It is not. The referees and assistant referees remain responsible for the decision on the field of play.”

    Johannes Holzmüller, Director of Football Technology and Innovation at FIFA: “We will have the semi-automatic offside setting with 12 cameras and the official ball with connected ball technology in all stadiums at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. technology will provide video match officials with real-time offside alerts using artificial intelligence. As the video match officials will control the quality of these outputs, we still refer to the system as "semi-automatic offside" as the video match officials must validate the proposed decision and then inform the referee on the field. By using the exact same data to create a 3D animation for the fans in the stadium and the viewers, fans will receive a quick and accurate visualization of the offside situation. This process was developed with input from the FIFA Fan Experience Panel (”

  •  Morocco HM The King Congratulates Congolese President on National Day
    Morocco: HM The King Congratulates Congolese President on National Day
     Morocco HM The King Congratulates Congolese President on National Day
    Morocco: HM The King Congratulates Congolese President on National Day
    Africa2 months ago

    Morocco: HM The King Congratulates Congolese President on National Day

    His Majesty King Mohammed VI has sent a message of congratulations to the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, HE Félix Tshisekedi, on the occasion of his country's national holiday.

    The Sovereign expresses, in this message, his most sincere congratulations to President Tshisekedi, wishing the Congolese people more progress and prosperity.

    On this occasion, HM the King salutes the excellent relations of friendship and brotherhood between the two countries, underlining his determination to work together with the Congolese President to strengthen fruitful inter-African cooperation for the mutual benefit of the two peoples.

  •  Ethiopia still in grip of spreading violence hate speech and aid crisis
    Ethiopia still in grip of spreading violence, hate speech and aid crisis
     Ethiopia still in grip of spreading violence hate speech and aid crisis
    Ethiopia still in grip of spreading violence, hate speech and aid crisis
    Africa2 months ago

    Ethiopia still in grip of spreading violence, hate speech and aid crisis

    UN-appointed human rights investigators announced Thursday that they have launched an investigation into an alleged massacre of at least 200 people in the Oromia region of Ethiopia.

    Kaari Betty MurungiOpens in new window, president of the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia, spoke on the sidelines of the Human Rights CouncilOpens in new window in Geneva.

    The Commission had received reports last week about the killings in Western Oromia, as it continued its work investigating rights abuses related to the conflict in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, which broke out in November 2020.

    Don't forget Ethiopia

    Despite many other conflicts around the world, Ms. Murungi said that the world must not ignore what was happening in Ethiopia:

    “The continued spread of violence, fueled by hate speech and incitement to ethnic and gender-based violence, are early warning indicators of more heinous crimes against innocent civilians, especially women and children who are most vulnerable. The expanding conflict is exacerbating the existing humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia and the region.”

    The Commission, established in December 2021, is mandated to conduct investigations to establish the facts and circumstances surrounding alleged violations and abuses of international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and international refugee law committed by all parties to the Ethiopian conflict since November 2020. .

    lack of access

    “The dire humanitarian crisis, made worse by the lack of access of the civilian population in some areas to humanitarian assistance, including medical and food aid, the obstruction of humanitarian workers and the persistent drought, exacerbates the suffering of millions of people in Ethiopia and in the region,” said Ms. Murungi.

    It added that “the Commission emphasizes the responsibility of the Government of Ethiopia to put an end to such violations on its territory and bring those responsible to justice.”

    Since the outbreak of armed conflict in November 2020 in the northern Tigray region of Ethiopia, Ethiopian national forces, Eritrean troops, Amhara forces and other militias on the one hand, and forces loyal to the People's Liberation Front of Tigray (TPLF), have forced hundreds of thousands of Tigrayans from their homes through threats and intimidation in a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing.

    The violence escalated and began to affect the neighboring Afar and Amhara regions, with Afar being the only access channel for aid to Tigray.

    Widespread violations

    The warring parties are accused of carrying out widespread human rights violations, including massacres, gender-based violence, extrajudicial executions, forced displacement, violence against refugee camps and internally displaced persons.

    In March of this year, the Ethiopian government declared a humanitarian truce, an agreement that opened the door to much-needed access to aid for citizens of the region.

    Ethiopia 'turning the page'

    In his response to the Commission's report, Zenebe Kebebe Korcho, Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the UN in Geneva, said that “the country is now turning a page. The Government of Ethiopia has decided to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict. An inclusive national dialogue is launched to address political issues across the country. The government has taken numerous confidence-building measures.”

    The Commission, which was appointed in March, is also mandated to provide guidance on transitional justice, including accountability, national reconciliation, reparations, and to make recommendations to the Government of Ethiopia on these measures.

    According to Ambassador Zenebe Kebebe Korcho, “Ethiopia has also taken steps to ensure accountability for alleged serious human rights violations. The Government of Ethiopia facilitated the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHROpens in new window) and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to carry out a joint investigation in the context of the conflict in the Tigray region” .

  •  Falken Tyres goes the Extra Mile for Drivers to have Peace of Mind on the Road with the new Mileage Warranty
    Falken Tyres goes the Extra Mile for Drivers to have Peace of Mind on the Road with the new Mileage Warranty
     Falken Tyres goes the Extra Mile for Drivers to have Peace of Mind on the Road with the new Mileage Warranty
    Falken Tyres goes the Extra Mile for Drivers to have Peace of Mind on the Road with the new Mileage Warranty
    Africa2 months ago

    Falken Tyres goes the Extra Mile for Drivers to have Peace of Mind on the Road with the new Mileage Warranty

    Falken Tires South Africa ( has announced the launch of its Mileage Guarantee, which is available with the purchase of WILDPEAK AT3WA (original equipment on the Mercedes G Wagon) and ZIEX ZE914EC. The FALKEN MILEAGE GUARANTEE is issued by Stamford Tires Africa PTY LTD ( on Falken branded products only. (Stamford Tires is the distributor for Falken Tires in South Africa)

    The Japanese brand says that its new Mileage Guarantee aims to protect drivers against premature tread wear, guaranteeing a specific mileage for the use of tires before they wear out. The warranty is free and available to customers who purchase 4 or more tires from any participating dealer.

    The Mileage Guarantee covers premature tread wear and is available when you purchase the following Falken tyres:

    Wildpeak AT3WA 100000KM: all sizes up to 18 inches. (DESIGNED IN JAPAN, the AT3WA combines durable off-road capability and rough-terrain handling without compromising on the road. It represents a true ALL-TERRAIN performance tire. It was designed with Sumitomo Rubber Industries' (SRI) award-winning 4D Nano technology, what it does is Falken's best SUV/4x4 tire and one of the best on the market)

    ZIEX ZE914EC 50000KM: All sizes up to 17 inches. (The ZIEX ZE914EC has been designed with a low resistance compound to save fuel while maintaining high levels of performance. The tire was designed for small to medium sized vehicles with a list of sizes ranging from 12 inches up to 18 inches. It's a great tire for enthusiasts looking to save at the pump)

    “One of our main goals is to add value to our customers' experiences. In our efforts to grow the Falken brand in South Africa, we understand that it is also important to improve road safety for drivers and maximize tire life, says José Romero, general manager of Stamford Tires. We are pleased to offer our customers the Mileage Guarantee and are confident that our products will deliver on their promise. We want our customers to enjoy the maximum mileage that we offer at Falken Tyres,” he added.

    Falken Tires has developed a simple and easy to use portal that will help customers register for their Mileage Guarantee and will also update any maintenance performed on tires.

    “We're customers on the other side of the coin, too, and we understand that it can be frustrating to have to sign up for post-sale benefits on a product, whether it's insurance or grocery points. As such, we have made our registration process easy and straightforward for our customers,” says José.

    How does it work:

    To qualify, customers must purchase four (4) of any of the specified Falken tires, have the wheels aligned and balanced at the same time at any tire dealer that has an account with Stamford Tires Africa.

    The registered owner of the vehicle (who must also be the purchaser of the tires) must register the Mileage Guarantee on the portal ( within 7 days of purchase.

    To maintain warranty, tires must be rotated, balanced and aligned after mounting at a Stamford Tires registered tire dealer.

    Please visit our Mileage Guarantee website for full terms and conditions: (

  •  mPharma Launches Data driven Insights Platform to Empower African Pharmacies in Decision making
    mPharma Launches Data-driven Insights Platform to Empower African Pharmacies in Decision making
     mPharma Launches Data driven Insights Platform to Empower African Pharmacies in Decision making
    mPharma Launches Data-driven Insights Platform to Empower African Pharmacies in Decision making
    Africa2 months ago

    mPharma Launches Data-driven Insights Platform to Empower African Pharmacies in Decision making

    mPharma (, a pan-African health technology company, has launched a new customer-focused product, Facility Insights, in its proprietary pharmacy transformation and data management tool, Bloom. This product provides pharmacy owners with personalized, data-driven insights to solve operational problems and make more informed pharmacy management decisions.

    Facility Insights is now launching in over 300 pharmacies in Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi and Rwanda, and is expected to be fully operational in all mPharma partner pharmacies in nine African countries within the next 3 months. The module is designed to solve the deep-seated problem of pharmacies that have limited data and manually generate the necessary reports for decision-making, which contributes to error-prone data and poor user experiences. The easy-to-use platform enables pharmacy owners to self-service accurate and up-to-date pharmacy data 24/7, generate cross-sectional reports of sales, profits and products in specific date ranges, measure products of highest and lowest sales by months, obtain information on retention of mutti members, registrations and more.

    Facility owners are already engaged with this new product and are using it to generate reports and insights relevant to their pharmacies:

    “With the launch of the Facility Insights module in Bloom, we enjoy having all the necessary highlights and analysis of our transactions, and this helps us to know how far our work is progressing. The analyzes there are precise and punctual. With a single click, I can get an interface that shows graphs, percentages, and activity progress levels as I compare them over certain time periods.” said Jacques Tuyishimire, RPh, pharmacist and CEO of Siloam Pharmacy, Kigali, Rwanda. He went on to add, “I mostly enjoyed the feature of being able to track comparative levels of sales, profits, and fast-moving products over different time periods. This is incredible!"

    Dan Shoukimas, Product Manager at mPharma, who helped engineer this feature, had this to say: “Pharmacies today suffer from two problems at opposite ends of a spectrum. Either they lack the data and analytics tools they need, they're eager to get it but don't have the tools or training to get it, or they have too much data but can't harness it to make better decisions. Facility information is a key step in resolving these and many other gaps in the pharmacist's data tool belt. With the key reports in place, there will be plenty of opportunities for us to uncover actionable insights that help our pharmacists deliver the best care possible.”

    The Facility Insights team is interested in launching products that directly solve pharmacy management problems and obstacles, and has a number of products on its roadmap that address this mission. Beyond reporting, the team will work on tools that help pharmacies forecast future performance based on past usage trends and provide smart recommendations that drive pharmacy growth.

    mPharma is driven by its mission to build an Africa in good health. One key way it does this is by launching technology-driven tools that directly address the needs of its clients, partners, and customers. It has recently launched a last-mile delivery platform that improves vehicle allocation efficiency and tracking of driver delivery patterns, a co-insurance system that enables payments for patients with partial insurance coverage in Gabon, and a trading platform (https:// that provides access to quality medicines and health care services at affordable prices in Ghana and Nigeria.

  •  Kidnappers bandits giving us sleepless nights Plateau residents
    Kidnappers, bandits giving us sleepless nights – Plateau residents
     Kidnappers bandits giving us sleepless nights Plateau residents
    Kidnappers, bandits giving us sleepless nights – Plateau residents
    Defence/Security2 months ago

    Kidnappers, bandits giving us sleepless nights – Plateau residents

    Residents of the communities in Bashar District in Wase Local Government Area of Plateau have cried out against the incessant attacks by kidnappers and bandits in the area.They complained that the criminal elements were terrorising their communities and giving them sleepless nights. The people made the complaint on Thursday, when the House of Representatives Ad hoc Committee on Wanton Killings in Wase visited the area.The Village Head of Kampani Zurak Community, Dahiru Adamu, described their condition as ”unfortunate and sad”. He said that the kidnappers usually operated on Fridays and would always ask for half a million naira ransom or more. ”Sir, the issue of kidnapping and banditry is a serious challenge to us here.”I escaped narrowly when they once came after me and so our people are not safe.“We are having sleepless nights and now live in perpetual fear.”We can’t travel freely. I nearly aborted my plans to attend this meeting because of fear of the unknown. ”Our commmunities are becoming ghost towns because our people are moving to safer places,” Adamu said.Another resident,  Abubakar Yusuf, said that the situation had affected farming activities in the area.According to him, farmers are no longer safe in their farms and this situation can lead to famine, if not checkmated. He said the people had so far lost 300 cows to their assailants.He further said that the unfortunate development had further impovershed their people.Yusuf also said that their attackers recently killed five soldiers in the community.He, therefore, called on the goverment to intensify efforts toward tackling the menace.Earlier, the Chairman of the committee, Rep. Fulata Abubakar, said they were in the area to investigate the remote and immediate causes of recent attacks in the communities.Abubakar further said that the committee was in the state to get first hand information from the affected communities to enable it make necessary recommendations to the National Assembly.”As we all know, the fundamental duty of every government is the protection of lives and property.”We are concerned about the wanton killings in Plateau and this made the House of Representatives to raise a motion, which led to this committee’s assignment.”So, it is in that context that we are mandated to come and interact with you and other stakeholders and make recommendations to the Federal Government.”We are here to listen to you and by the special grace of God, we shall make recommendations that will restore lasting peace in wll the embattled communities of the Plateau in general,” Abubakar said.NewsSourceCredit: NAN

  •  Money politics biggest threat to political processes democracy ex Minister
    Money politics, biggest threat to political processes, democracy – ex-Minister
     Money politics biggest threat to political processes democracy ex Minister
    Money politics, biggest threat to political processes, democracy – ex-Minister
    General news2 months ago

    Money politics, biggest threat to political processes, democracy – ex-Minister

    A former Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, has described the extreme monetisation of politics and political processes by some political actors in the country as the biggest threat to the nation’s democracy.Abdullahi said this while delivering a lecture at the 2022 Annual Press Week of the Correspondents’ Chapel, Kwara chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Ilorin.The former minister said that politicians had turned the political process into a business transaction in the country.Abdullahi, who said that the development had brought out all manner of people canvassing for elective offices, added that the trend, if not curbed, was capable of making the electorate poorer and miserable in the long run.“When politicians pay people to vote for them, the act has taken away the capability of the people to decide who governs them.“It is the same as soldiers using guns to be in power, and politicians using the power of dollars to get to power.“The monetisation of politics is a big threat to the nation’s democracy and political processes. Many people lost their conscience when money is involved,” he cautioned.The senatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Kwara Central Senatorial District, however, called on stakeholders in the country, and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to act fast to halt money politics.He stressed that the quality of journalism in the country was a reflection of the nation’s democracy, adding that journalism should be able to deepen the nation’s democracy.“Journalists should be able to play their constitutional roles as enshrined in the nation’s Constitution.“Media practitioners should be able to hold government accountable for the inadequate provision of education, job opportunities, security, corrupt practices and abuse of power,” he said.According to him, journalists are expected to act as watchdogs and as well help set the agenda for the 2023 general elections.The Chairman of the Correspondents Chapel, Alhaji Akeem Garba, had earlier commended members of the chapel for their turnout, and tasked them to be disciplined and be good ambassadors of the chapel.He urged journalists in the country to help preserve and sustain the nation’s democracy by carrying out their duties effectively and unbiased.The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the theme for the 2022 Press Week is “Re-engaging the Media for Credible Democratic Process”. ( NAN)  

    NewsSourceCredit: NAN

  •  Hajj 238 miss 2022 pilgrimage from Edo
    Hajj: 238 miss 2022 pilgrimage from Edo
     Hajj 238 miss 2022 pilgrimage from Edo
    Hajj: 238 miss 2022 pilgrimage from Edo
    General news2 months ago

    Hajj: 238 miss 2022 pilgrimage from Edo

    No fewer than 238 intending pilgrims in Edo would not make the journey to Saudi Arabia for the 2022 Hajj due to backlog from 2020 to 2023.

    Alhaji Ibrahim Oyarekhua, the Chairman, Edo Muslims Pilgrim Welfare Board, told newsmen on Thursday in Benin that the backlog was due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic that stalled Hajj operations for two consecutive years.

    According to him, out of the 400 Muslims who showed interest, only 162 slots were available to the state.

    The chairman, however, announced that the 162 cleared intending pilgrims would leave Nigeria on Saturday through Lagos to join other Nigerian pilgrims, who were already at the holy land.

    “All arrangements have been concluded. Everything is ready; we have distributed sensitive materials – passports and other materials needed for the journey – to them.

    “By tomorrow, they will travel to Lagos and undergo COVID-19 test as required by Saudi authority before they leave the country on Saturday”

    “We have 400 intending pilgrims who made payment, but because of the backlog of 2020, 2021, and this 2022 due to COVID-19 pandemic, only 162 will be airlifted.

    “The backlog has raised the number of intending pilgrims in the state,” he said.

    Oyarekhua explained that the board had to apply first paid, first served to select the intending pilgrims.

    He asserted that a proper arrangement in terms of hotel accommodation and catering services, among others, had also been made for the pilgrims.

    “The Acting governor of Edo, Chief Philip Shaibu, was at the camp yesterday (Wednesday) to address the (intending) pilgrims and admonish them to be of good behaviour while carrying out their activities in the holy land.

    “I also join the acting governor to advise the pilgrims to be good ambassadors of the state and Nigeria by adhering to the rules and regulation of the pilgrimage.

    “I will urge them to pray for Nigeria and Edo state so that we can overcome challenges confronting us, especially insecurity among others.

    “This journey is a spiritual assignment and they have to commit themselves to the Almighty,” said the chairman.

    NewsSourceCredit: NAN

  •  Army confirms ambush death of personnel in Shiroro
    Army confirms ambush, death of personnel in Shiroro
     Army confirms ambush death of personnel in Shiroro
    Army confirms ambush, death of personnel in Shiroro
    Defence/Security2 months ago

    Army confirms ambush, death of personnel in Shiroro

    The Nigerian Army has confirmed that its troops deployed in Shiroro area of Niger were ambushed while on a mission to deal with bandits’ attack on miners in the area.

    The Director, Army Public Relations, Brig.-Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, in a statement on Thursday said the a number of personnel paid the supreme price in the ambush that occurred on Wednesday.

    Nwachukwu said the troops had on Wednesday responded to a distress call of bandits attack on people operating a mining site.

    He said the troops ran into an ambush staged by the criminal elements on their way to the location losing a number of personnel in fierce firefight that ensued.

    According to him, the location has been reinforced and troops are on the trail of the criminals with some already neutralised.

    He said the GOC of 1 Division had moved to the location to take charge of the follow on operations.

    Nwachukwu said urged well meaning Nigerians to exercise some restraint in posting images emanating from attacks on personnel as some video clips had emanated from the incident.

    He urged those posting such to be mindful that our brothers and sisters who might have lost their breadwinners deserved to be properly notified and not to get such information via the media.

    “We mention this, mindful of the inalienable rights of citizens to use the social media which is respected.

    “It is also necessary to clarify that activities of the criminals was not on any critical national asset or infrastructure.

    “Furthermore, the Nigerian army calls on all Nigerians to continue to support the efforts of their military personnel who continue to confront the enemies of our dear nation,” he urged.

    NewsSourceCredit: NAN