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Seattle Mariners Win Opener Against Cleveland Guardians

Ty France’s triumphant homer ended an opening day drought and propelled the Seattle Mariners to a 3-0 win over the Cleveland Guardians.

Despite a chilly marine layer commonplace this time of year, the Mariners put up an impressive first fight, with their defence playing exceptionally well.  The crowd also brought their A-game, matched by the Guardians’ pitcher James Karinchak’s long-winded between-pitches routine showing signs of faltering.

Ty France, in particular, played a big role in securing the win, hitting a three-run homer off Karinchak with one out in the eighth inning. It was the Mariners’ first opening day win since 2016, igniting the crowd and giving the team confidence early on. When asked about the potential of the team, France said, “Honestly, it feels like we never left. This place, it’s just, you really can’t say enough about these fans.”

The sheer impact of the home-field advantage was felt throughout the stadium, with Mariners’ manager Scott Servais crediting the home crowd with a vital part in the win.  

Despite the Guardians pitching a solid six innings, they couldn’t compete with the Mariners’ tenacity, especially defensively in the outfield. Julio Rodríguez, for instance, hit two top-spin line drives into right-center that could have cleared the fence in July.

Credit must be given to Guardian’s pitcher Karinchak for holding it together as long as he did, but once he faltered, the crowd wasted no time in making it worse for him. Karinchak’s long-pitch routine made him the perfect target for the crowd, who began counting down the timer on every pitch, making it increasingly difficult for the pitcher to focus.

Veteran Luis Castillo led the Mariners on the mound, throwing six extra-efficient shutout innings despite a scary moment after a 95.8 mph comebacker hit him at the back of his head in the third inning.  But the crowded stadium in Seattle rallied behind him, and he was able to pull off three strikeouts to end the inning.

All-in-all, solid pitching, solid defence, and the addition of Ty France’s homer made opening day a compelling victory for the Seattle Mariners.  



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